Academic Success Seminars

The weekly sessions are mandatory for all students enrolled in first-year courses. The Academic Success Seminars help students understand doctrines and develop or refine their study and analytical skills. The program consists of weekly sessions of two-hours each during both the fall and spring semesters where emphasis is placed on study techniques, analytical skills, and exam writing. Each seminar or seminar is designed to help students become independent learners. The substantive law is used as a tool for teaching students how to read and analyze cases, how to brief cases, how to organize their notes and briefs, how to outline, how to prepare for exams, how to analyze exam questions, how to organize exam answers, and finally how to write exam answers.

During the fall the weekly seminars are presented for Torts I, Criminal Law, Basic Civil Procedure, and Contracts. During the spring semester weekly sessions are presented for Civil Law Property, Constitutional Law, Obligations, and Torts II .

The required legal writing courses for first and second year students emphasize clarity, organization, legal analysis, and exposition. Individual and small group instruction in communication skills is also provided.