Academic Counseling

During the school year, students are encouraged to use the academic counselors for informal discussions about the students' undergraduate background, career goals and concerns that the student might have about their legal education.

Academic Counselors provide tutorials for at-risk students, advise students of law school expectations, motivate students in the pursuit of their legal studies, assist students in their development of effective study strategies, time management skills and examination techniques, and proctor special accommodation exams. Academic Counselors are available for both day and evening divisions.

The Academic Enhancement Skills Programs emphasize clarity, organization and legal analysis. The hands-on skill sessions uses progressive exercises to demystify the exam writing process and reinforces the practical skills learned in academic assistance workshop.

The self-directed format allows students to advance at their own pace as they gain confidence in their study and exam taking skills. Participation is mandatory for students with academic probation status and voluntary for others

Schedule an appointment:

Berryl Gordon-Thompson, Esq.
Associate Vice Chancellor
By Appointment, Suite 220/221

Angela Mason, Esq.
Academic Counselor
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.     (Monday – Friday)
Suite 202

Contact Information Department Head

Berryl Gordon-Thompson, Esq.
Associate Vice Chancellor
Office: (225) 771-4913
Fax: (225) 771-5895