Why Give

"As an active alumnus, I feel it is important to keep the standard of excellence that Southern University Law Center has provided for over 50 years through annual financial contributions. Without financial contributors, the tradition of high quality legal education and the ability of Southern Law graduatesujin jakka21to continue to provide sound legal advice throughout the state and nation would be greatly diminished."

Robert M. Marionneaux, Jr.
State Senator

The efforts of the Law Center createss a zeal in me, which helps me realize that it is my responsibility to do whatever I can to pass this great experience onto the next generation."

W. James Singleton
The Singleton Law Firm

  • Invest in tomorrow's lawyers with scholarships.

    Scholarships and Loan Programs enable the Law Center to maintain diversity and excellence in the student body. The Annual Fund will make a Southern University Law Center legal education available to many qualified students with substantial financial need.

  • Help recruit talented faculty.

    There is an ongoing need to recruit legal practitioners and scholars to renew the faculty and maintain its level of excellence.

  • Support the Law Center's participation in local and national conferences and competitions.

    The representation of the Law Center's students and faculty at local and national conferences and competitions will provide practical experience for all involved and contribute to the overall effectiveness of established curriculums. Participation on such levels will also gain additional deserved exposure for SULC programs.

  • Provide faculty and students with scholarly research opportunities.

    Cultivating professional development and encouraging supplementary research projects are strategies implemented to enhance the overall Law Center experience.

  • Contribute to the continual evolution of the Law Center.

    With the constant advancement of technology, it is important that the Law Center has resources available to maintain a progressive and competitive standing among other legal institutions.

Your financial commitment, at any level, will contribute to the sustainability of the Law Center's programming and encourage its Reaching New Heights of Excellence.

If you have any questions about making a gift to the Law Center, please contact Apil W. Brumfield, Director of Development, (225) 771-5044, or e-mail, abrumfield@sulc.edu.