SULC Annual Fund

Historically, SULC has been able to do a lot with very little staying true to our mission of providing access and opportunity. Your financial support, coupled with that of other alumni and supporters, will allow us to level the playing field with larger institutions. By investing in SULC we will be able to continue producing capable, and well-prepared graduates that will go on to have a significant impact on the legal communities of this state, nation, and the world. An investment in the Future of SULC will increase the value of your law degree.

3 Reasons to Support the SULC Annual Fund

1. Every Gift Counts, No Gift is Too Small

There is no minimal cap on contributions made to the SULC Annual Fund and every contribution received counts towards our overall alumni participation rate. The American Bar Association (ABA), The Association of American Law Schools (AALS), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and national publications such as U.S. News and World Report, use the number of graduates that make financial contributions to the school to gage how alumni feel about their education and training. Your financial support has a direct impact on the public perception of SULC.

2. Help Us Maintain a Competitive Edge

State funding continues to diminish each year and approximately 90% of our students are receiving financial aid or some form of financial assistance. We are now forced to rely on private support to fund student scholarships and faculty research stipends so that we are able to compete with other law schools for the brightest students and faculty. Alumni support will also allow us to implement cutting-edge technology in our classrooms and around campus to keep up with the amenities offered by other institutions.

3. Our Mission of Providing Opportunity and Access

Many of our graduates attribute SULC as being their only opportunity to obtain a quality and affordable legal education. We stand strong by our mission of providing access and opportunity to under-represented racial, ethnic, and economic groups. The 2010-11 student body profile reflected 57% Black students, 35% White students, 6% Hispanic students, and 2% Asian/Native American students. SULC has been touted and celebrated for the racial and socio-economic diversity of its students and faculty. With the financial support of our graduates we will be able to continue serving a diverse spectrum of worthy law students.


Online Giving

By clicking on the SULC Online Giving icon, donors may use their Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card to make gifts to the SULC Annual Fund. Donors can make one-time, monthly, or quarterly donations. For example, by selecting the "monthly" gift frequency option, a donor could make a cumulative annual fund gift of $300 through 12 monthly installments of $25, which will automatically be charged to your credit card after your initial set-up. Donors may also choose a future date for donations to begin.

Chancellor's Circle

The Chancellor's Circle is a giving society for SULC graduates who make a cumulative annual fund gift of $1,000 and above. Membership in the Chancellor's Circle is designed as an exclusive recognition for our top graduates and supporters. Graduates who enroll in the Chancellor's Circle are stakeholders in the continuous evolution of the Law Center. Gifts made to the SULC Annual Fund at the Chancellor's Circle level provide essential support each year and help keep the Law Center's legal educational and cultural offerings as diverse as our student body. Chancellor's Circle members receive priority invitations to Law Center events and special recognition at the Annual Alumni Round-Up.

Judicial Wall of Fame

The Judicial Wall of Fame is an initiative of the SULC Annual Fund and has a twofold purpose. First, to honor our alums who have distinguished themselves and SULC with their election to the judiciary. Secondly, to generate funds to assist our students with scholarships, bar preparation, and moot court team competitions. To be a part of the SULC Judicial Wall of Fame, graduates who are members of the judiciary should make a gift to the Law Center in the amount of $1,000, and thereby have your portrait permanently placed on our Judicial Wall of Fame, located in the North Wing of A.A. Lenoir Hall.

Corporate Philanthropy & Matching Gift Programs

SULC is seeking opportunities to create new partnerships with the private sector that build upon mutual strengths and needs in areas such as providing financial assistance for students, externships and clerkships, research collaborations, faculty/industry consultations, event sponsorships, and more.

Matching gift programs provided opportunities for donors to leverage giving substantially.

A matching gift is a charitable gift made toward a non-profit organization by a matching donor, usually an employer, under the provision that an original donor, the employee, first makes a gift toward that organization. Usually, matching gifts are equal to the amount given by the original donor, a 1:1 ratio.

For example, if a donor makes a gift of $100 to an organization, the matching company will also give $100, making the total gift worth $200. While 1:1 matches are the most common, matching gifts can be of a variety of ratios, including 0.5:1 (the matching company giving $50 for every $100 given by the donor) and 3:1 (the matching company giving $300 for every $100 given by the donor).

Many matching gift corporations offer matching gift programs to the spouses of their company employees and retirees from their companies.

SULC Development Team

April W. Brumfield, '11
Director of Development
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Rachel L. Emanuel, Ph.D.
Director of Communications and Development Support
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Cynthia N. Reed, '90
Director of Alumni Affairs and CLE
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Michelle Jackson, Esq.
Director of Career Services
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Ruth Bailey Wesley, '92
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
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