Guidelines for Services

For publications services

Meet with us early in your planning stage. We will set up a production schedule and solicit bids from printers. Average production time is four to six weeks.

  • Bring us your final copy on diskette, along with hard copy. (Use a word-processing program such as Word Perfect or Microsoft Word.) Samples of publications to give us ideas of what you like are welcome.
  • We will see your project through to delivery by the printer.

For news releases and calendar information

Notify us in writing (e-mail is preferred remanuel@sulc.edu) the information you have for releases or the calendar item you would like to be publicized. We will prepare a draft news release and return it for your input and approval. The final releases will be distributed to the appropriate mediaby this office as approved by the Chancellor. Calendar items will be circulated internally and externally as necessary.

For editorial, photography, audio, and video services

Let us know in writing (e-mail is preferred remanuel@sulc.edu) as soon as you have confirmed the event, activity, or appointment for which you need services.

  • Give us the date, time, place, and purpose of your activity and what services you require.
  • We will assign an appropriate person as resources permit.
  • We will send out a media announcement and/or photo(s) before or after the event.
  • We can advise on other publicity ideas.

For media interviews and bookings

Most often requests for appearances on television and radio programs may be initiated by this office determined by communication needs on various programs, events, or services or when contacted by a news reporter or media producer. However, if you are seeking a media interview or booking, please let us know in writing (e-mail is preferred remanuel@sulc.edu) including the information on the topic, activity, or event and we will help make arrangements for you.

For website updates

Let us know in writing (e-mail is preferred at your convenience) what you need to update, change, or add to the existing site and we will make arrangements to have that service provided in cooperation with the personnel in the Office of Information Technology and/or webmaster. Updates will typically be done on a weekly or monthly basis