How to Accept Financial Aid Terms and Conditions & Financial Aid Awards

Access the Banner Self Service link from the SULC homepage at www.sulc.edu to accept or decline your terms & conditions and loan awards or by clicking on this hyperlink: https://ssbprd11g.subr.edu:8890/PROD8/twbkwbis.P_GenMenu?name=homepage

User ID:      S0xxxxxxx (found on your award notification)
PIN:             Date of Birth (six digit month, day, year by default)

  • Click "Financial Aid"

  • Click "Award"

  • Click "Award for Aid Year"

  • Click "2014-2015" and then "Submit"

  • Click "Terms and Conditions"

  • Click Accept (at the bottom)

  • Click "Accept Award Offer"

  • To accept loans, Click 'Accept' in the side box. If declining loans, click 'Decline'.

  • If accept everything, Click "Accept Full Amount of All Awards".

  • If declining anything, Click "Submit Decision".

To reduce your award, please complete the Federal Direct Loan Change Request, available under financial aid forms at www.sulc.edu/Departments/FinancialAid/forms.html. You may submit the form to our office via fax, email, or in person. If you have not received award notification, please contact our office.