General Questions

How do I get a log in name and password?

In order to obtain your log in name and password, students must first obtain a copy of the SULC ITSS policies and procedures (can be obtained from the Computer Labs or ITSS) and return a signed copy to ITSS. ITSS will then enable the account and provide the student with instructions on how to log in to the computers in the labs.

How can I access a law school computer?

Anyone with a valid account that is enabled can log in to any computer system. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to use the resources.

How do I log out from a law school computer?

Make sure that you log out of the workstation before you leave. You may log off by clicking the START button, then SHUT DOWN, and select the option LOG OFF. By logging off, you are making sure that no other person will be using YOUR account.

What is my email address?

Your email address has the following format: If your name is John Doe, then your mail ID is JDOE@sulc.edu, i.e., the first letter of your first name and your last name followed by @sulc.edu. (In situations where the accounts are not unique, ITSS will provide you with an alternately named account.)

Where are the student computer labs and printers?

The computer labs for the students are located on the first floor in the law library of the Law Center building in rooms 136 and 168. The student-assigned network printers are also located in the same area.

How do I select a printer?

There are two printers in the computer labs for students, and they may select either printer to print.

How do I get a log in name and password?

Thank you for visiting the Southern University Law Center Infomation Technology Website. We are the governing body of technology at SULC and highly trained to handle many issues on the SULC campus.

Computing services offered to students include computer labs exclusively for law students, Multimedia Classrooms and seminar rooms, a mutlimedia capable Moot Courtroom, email accounts, computer hardware and software recommendations, training on using library-based electronic resources, and software support as well as referrals to sources of help on issues that exceed our level of support.

Where can I connect my notebook computer?

Located within the entire building are wireless access points, allowing acccess to the SULAW wireles network through any notebook computer as well as smartphones and tablets.

How do I access the network from home or elsewhere?

You should have an Internet connection using an ISP in order to connect to the SULC website and also access SULC e-mail via the Web. One can check e-mail by starting Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and going to either http://www.sulc.edu and clicking on the e-mail icon and logging in OR typing in https://email.sulc.edu/owa and logging in.