Printing Questions

How do I get a log in name and password?

Westlaw material should be printed on the Westlaw printers only. Westlaw users should be sure that the Westlaw printer is selected on the Print Properties page in the Westlaw site and print the material to the Westlaw printer assigned. There are two Westlaw printers for students and one for the faculty.

What must I do to print Lexis-Nexis material on the Lexis-Nexis printer?

There are two Lexis-Nexis printers on the first floor for students to use to print their research materials from the Lexis-Nexis site. These dedicated printers should be used for all Lexis-Nexis printing.

How do I change my default printer if I have more than one printer in the printer's list?

If there is more than one printer assigned to a user, the user has an option of switching to a different printer in the drop down list in the printer's properties window in the application such as Word, WordPerfect, etc.

The user may also change the default printer by clicking on START then SETTINGS, PRINTERS and then right clicking on the desired printer and selecting the option "Set as Default Printer."

How do I fix error messages on the printer?

Each printer model has different steps to troubleshoot the printer errors. Please call ITSS at 771-4987 or 771-5814 to fix printer-related problems.