Laptop Exam Policy



(Amended 12/10/2013)

Students who elect to use laptop/notebook devices to take SULC exams must purchase, download, and install the EXAM4 software application. Students must use laptop/notebook computing devices that can support EXAM4.  The software allows the laptop/notebook to operate as a word processor, but prevents the student from accessing any data on the laptop/notebook’s hard drive and/or internet resources during the exam.
Note:  Portions of item (5) of the policy does not pertain to students identified by SULC as requiring special accommodations. Such students should consult with the Office of Student Affairs for further information.

  1. Compatible laptop/notebooks may be used for exams only if students obtain prior authorization from the course professor/instructor. Students shall express their desire to use a laptop/notebook to take the examination at a time established by the examining professor or no later than two weeks before the examination date.

  2. Professors must develop a method to determine the number of students who will take the examination using Exam 4.

  3. Students who have not obtained prior authorization from the examining professor will be denied the right to use a laptop/notebook laptop/notebook to take the examination

  4. Students who sign up to use a laptop/notebook for an examination may later withdraw their election and take the examination using bluebooks by informing the instructor of the change at least one week before the scheduled exam date.

  5. At least 48 hours before the first exam of the semester, students must download the new version of Exam 4 from www.Exam4.com and must pay a FEE to Exam 4 online, using a credit card or Paypal. A version's license to use the software expires after each semester's examination period. Exam 4 keeps track of these downloads. Students must print their receipts as proof of payment to show the proctor before taking each exam. Students who do not pay the fee may not take an examination using the Exam 4 program or a laptop/notebook. Failure to pay will lead to disciplinary action.

  6. Before taking any examination using Exam 4 , students must test the software and become familiar with its operation. Make sure that the time on the laptop/notebook is correctly set according to Central Standard Time. After installing the software, it is strongly advised that students take a practice examination using the software to become familiar with the program's operation. Lack of familiarity with the software will not toll the examination period.

  7. All student examination locations will have electrical outlets. If a desktop outlet is not operating the student must notify the professor immediately. If all electrical outlets are taken, a student wishing to take the examination using Exam 4 must have his/her electrical cord to access a wall outlet. Students must arrive at the examination site early to ensure that the electrical outlet at the examination station is functional. Students should make sure their laptop/notebook batteries are fully charged. They must also make sure that the laptop/notebooks have wireless cards and that they are properly installed and authenticated to the SULC network.

  8. The examining professor will establish rules about where laptop/notebook examinees will take the examination. Laptop/notebook users must arrive early on the day of an examination set up their laptop/notebooks in designated classrooms.

  9. On the date of the examination, students must not log-on or start the Exam 4 program until they are instructed to do so by the examining professor or proctor. When told to log-on, students must do so immediately. Students must wait until their laptop/notebook connects to the SULC wireless network before opening the software. . After setting up, students should make sure their laptop/notebook and software are operating properly. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in a grade adjustment (deduction) or raise suspicion relating to an honor violation.

  10. The examinee must select the correct course from the Course List dropdown box, enter his/her anonymous examination number, and the name of the instructor immediately after opening the software. Unless otherwise instructed, students will not be permitted to open any books during the examination.

  11. When students finish the examination, the Exam 4program will prompt them to "save" their examination answers either electronically or to the Hard drive/USB drive. Students must save their examination answers electronically to the network, and then must also save the examination on their hard drive. Please wait for the confirmation that your examination has been electronically submitted.

  12. To confirm that IT has received his/her examination Exam4 will either display a screen indicating a successful submission (Green box), or will display one or more error messages. If a successful submission occurred, go to step (14). If the submission is not successful, go to the step (13).

  13. If the examination was not received by IT after submission, the student must visit or make an appointment with the SULC IT Department and present his/her laptop/notebook to IT for retrieval of the examination. Note: While Exam4 has a high level of redundancy in saving files, unique hardware and software issues may prevent SULC IT from retrieving the exam file from the user's laptop/notebook.

  14. Once a student saves his answers and "logs out," the program will not permit the student to re-enter or modify their answers. Although the answers will remain on the students' hard drives, they cannot be accessed without special codes and software to read the encrypted data. As a precaution, students should keep their answers on their hard drives until final grades are released. The law school can retrieve the answer from a student's hard drive if the answer cannot be printed from the student's electronic submission. DO NOT have any work done on your laptop/notebook before you have confirmed that your examination has been received by IT. SULC will not take responsibility for examinations that have been removed and were not received by IT. A grade of "F" will be recorded for the student.

    NOTICE: SULC is NOT responsible for any equipment failure during the exam, will not provide a back-up laptop/notebook, and will not allot extra time to enable students to address equipment failure. Students who experience equipment failure must continue the examination by writing in Blue books. A student will be able to continue the examination at the point where he/she stopped before the equipment failure. The laptop/notebook keeps copies of the examination and IT may be able retrieve the incomplete examination. Users must visit or make an appointment with SULC IT to arrange for retrieval of incomplete exam files. Note: While Exam4 has a high level of redundancy in saving files, unique hardware and software issues may prevent SULC IT from retrieving the exam file from the user's laptop/notebook.

  15. Students using EXAM4 are solely responsible for the proper operation of their laptop/notebook. If there is a failure that results from a dropped internet connection, have the instructor or proctor contact SULC IT. SULC IT will verify and attempt to resolve SULC wireless network issues. Issues that appear to be laptop/notebook related must be resolved by the user. If there is a problem associated with the Exam 4 application during the exam, the user should notify the instructor or proctor and contact SULC IT.

  16. In all events, if a laptop/notebook cannot successfully connect to the SULC wireless network, or the laptop/notebook is unable to successfully utilize EXAM4, or other laptop/notebook issues prevent the student from taking an exam using EXAM4, the student must revert to using a bluebook to take the exam(s). SULC IT will not be responsible for servicing or otherwise restoring student laptops/notebooks to service for use during exams.

  17. Once a student starts taking the examination using Exam 4, the program keeps track of activities as part of the examination file. When a hard copy of the examination is printed, the tracking file is printed also. All other examination rules in the Code of Student Professional Conduct pertain to laptop/notebook users.

  18. This policy must be signed electronically before taking the examination. Go to http://www.sulc.edu/Departments/IT/Acceptable_Usage_Policy.html (desktop/laptop) or http://www.sulc.edu/mobile/Departments/IT/AUP.html (mobile) on the website to sign the policy.

  19. Additional instructions on taking the examination (such as line spacing, font, etc.) will be given by the examining professor.

By Filling out and checking Accept on following form, you are electronically agreeing and submitting the SULC Laptop Exam Policy: