Computer Lab Policies & Procedures

Who is Eligible to use the Facilities?

All currently registered students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use the general access computer lab facilities. You must have an active SULC user account to use the lab facilities.

Account Setup

Please refer to Services - User Accounts to Access Law Center IT Resources for instructions on how to establish and activate an SULC account

Printing Information

Students are given a certain number of free prints each semester and are charged a fee for printing pages over the limit. Each semester the first 200 prints are free. You may add credit to your account at any time by paying for printing in advance. Print credits will not carry over each semester. There is no refund for unused printing credits.

Please refer to the Law Library - Copy and Print Services for information on pricing guidelines for copies above free amounts.

Please take the necessary steps to spell check and preview your work before you print. After a print job is submitted, type in your user name and password at the Pharos station to print the document. The delete option is available on submitted documents at the Pharos station. Account balance can be reviewed at this point. You may use your own photo paper, resume paper, or transparency slides. The cost for using your own paper is still $0.03 per page. See the lab staff for assistance.

You are responsible for maintaining security for your account. If you think someone is using your account, change your password immediately. Any of the ITSS staff can assist you with password changes. Never give your password to anyone. You are responsible for any and all printing charged to your account.

Saving Files

The lab computer facilities do not sell or loan out flash drives or other forms of storage. Bring in your own jump drives to save your work. Hard drive storage is not permanent. You may use the hard drive to copy documents temporarily. Do not alter the computer configuration. We do not offer support for software you bring into the facilities.

Scanner Policy

A PC scanner for students is available in the computer lab. Faculty can access scanners at the faculty area, and staff can access the scanner in their respective departments.

Getting Help

Contact the Library Technical Support Specialist or any available Library staff member for lab equipment issues, lab printing issues, or network access issues.

General Rules

One of our main objectives is to make the computer lab facilities a pleasant environment in which you do your academic work. The budgetary restrictions we face each year means replacement of abused and broken equipment, stolen equipment, and damaged materials becomes less of a reality. As a responsible patron we hope you take these cutbacks seriously and take care when using the equipment and other facility resources.

Once you become an authorized user by establishing an account, you are responsible for following these rules when using the facilities:

  • No food, drinks, smoking, or chewing tobacco are allowed in the facilities. Closed water bottles are permitted.

  • Limit of one computer per person.

  • Computer games are not allowed.

  • No loud group conversations or music (you must wear headphones).

  • Return all borrowed materials in their original condition before you leave the facility.

  • Leave all hardware and furniture in its original place.

  • Attachment of personal hardware to computers is not permitted.

  • Abide by the account setup and printing policy. Do not allow others to access your account.

  • The Computer Lab Facilities are not responsible for any lost, misplaced, or stolen items.

  • Clients are solely responsible for their personal belongings.

The Facilities will now allow hardware to be attached to the network at the atrium, study rooms, and student lounge under these restrictions:

  • You must take FULL responsibility for your hardware.

  • You must install the hardware on your own; ITSS staff will NOT be available for hardware assistance.

  • Do NOT unplug our hardware (power or Ethernet) under any circumstances. You are not allowed to use our Ethernet cables for your laptops.

  • If the security restrictions on our machines do not allow a complete installation or if you cannot install the hardware on your own, you cannot use your device in our facility.

  • Parents who bring their children into the facility must take the responsibility for the supervision and control of them. Any child who is disruptive to other clients or causes damage to any of the equipment will be asked to leave (along with the parent).

  • Study groups may utilize computers at facilities as long the conversation and noise level do not disrupt the work environment of other users.

  • You will be given one warning if you violate any of the restrictions above. Your account will be disabled after a second violation.

Loss of Privileges

You will be asked to leave the facility and your account will be disabled for the following:

  • Allowing another person to use your account and password.

  • Copying materials or site-licensed software protected under copyright law. You are solely responsible for any unauthorized copying or illicit use of any facility resources.

  • Reconfiguring the operating system.

  • Theft of any hardware or peripherals at the workstations.

  • Noncompliance of the University's policies and guidelines on computer use and network resources, student conduct, sexual harassment, and email.

Your name will be sent to the Office of Student Affairs for further disciplinary action. Reinstatement of your account will be determined by this office.


All Library staff and ITSS staff as well as computer lab staff, have the authority to ask you to leave the facility and/or report you for the violations stated above. Campus Police will be called if you refuse to vacate the premises. You have the privilege of discussing your case with the Office of Student Affairs.