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IT Services



Email accounts are available free to current SULC faculty, students, and staff

Email is NOT to be used for sending mass mailings or chain letters, forging messages, masking the identity of an account, or sending harassing email or unsolicited mail to strangers, and it may NOT be used for any commercial use, etc. Do not share your password with others. You are liable for any other individual's misuse of your account

If you have questions about appropriate use of e-mail, or if you encounter perceived misuse of email, please send an email to itss_email@sulc.edu

User Account Service

All currently registered students, faculty, and staff are eligible to obtain a user account. Accounts are activated within seconds. Once you have created an account, it will remain active as long as you are affiliated with the University.

All students who are admitted to the law school automatically receive a log in account. In order to activate the account the student must sign the acceptable usage policy. The account will be available to you throughout your affiliation with SULC.

All new faculty and staff must come to ITSS to obtain a user account.

Educational Technology Services

ITSS provides classroom technology support, installation, teleconferencing, video and audio, and technology support for Law Center events. ITSS also provides, by appointment, consulting and training in the use of the tools.

Hardware Support

ITSS staff at the law center provides network,computer hardware, and software support for Law Center equipment only.

Educational pricing for you

Faculty, staff, and students of Southern University Law Center are eligible for educational pricing on all products offered by CDWG and Dell Corporation. For advice on product selection, you may contact ITSS staff.

Electronic Bulletin Board

There are two networked electronic bulletin systems at the Law Center. This system provides easy communication between the faculty, staff, and students. Faculty, staff, and students may display messages relevant to the Law Center after approval from the Chancellor's office. The approved document should be brought to ITSS for display.

Text should not be lengthy.

Classroom Media Resources

Nine classrooms are equipped with multimedia capabilities. All these classrooms have multimedia projectors mounted on the ceiling, and they are connected to DVD/VCRs Combos, computers, and auxiliary equipment. External equipment such as laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, and other devices can be connected to the podium for multimedia presentations. These podium computers are also connected to the network and the Internet.

Panel discussions are often held, and rooms 129 and 130 may be combined to accommodate several presenters. Up to six microphones can be used by the panel, and wireless microphones can be used by the students to ask questions. An 84-inch pull-down screen is used for viewing.

Video Capture/Streaming Video/Web Conferencing

Four of the nine multimedia classrooms, the moot courtroom and Chancellor's conference room are equipped for to support video capture, streaming video and limited web conferencing. Lawyers, judges, and other experts can teach students through these facilities without the expenses of travel and accommodation. Also, the Career Placement Department can use this facility for interviews between students and prospective employers.

Up to three remote connections can be viewed at a time on the retractable screen. Remote connection is accomplished either through IP.

Network Connections

The Law Center offers high speed network connections for students with laptops. These connections will allow you to:

  • Access the Internet

  • Check your email

  • Conduct on-line legal research

Wireless Connections

The Law Center is equipped with a wireless network. The wireless network can be accessed from any part of the Law Center building. This even extends to the patios on the side and on the front of the Law Center building. The wireless network is highly secure. In order to use the wireless network one must be a member of the Law Center community and register his or her laptop with ITSS.

Computer Labs

There are two computer labs available for student use.

Computer Lab Hours

Lab Infrastructure

The Law Center maintains two computer labs. These labs are located in rooms 136 and 168.

Lab 1 (Westlaw / Lexis Lab) – room 136

  • 8 Dell workstations, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.00Ghz Processors, 4 GB RAM, 300GB HD

  • MS Office 2007 Professional – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

  • 1 HP LaserJet 4250DTN printer

Lab 2 (Student Lab) – room 168

  • 24 Dell workstations, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.00Ghz Processors, 4 GB RAM, 300GB HD

  • MS Office 2007 Professional – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

  • 1 HP Laserjet 9050DN printer

  • 1 HP Scanner

Pay To Print

The student computer labs have a total of four laser printers for use with the computers in the lab. Each law student will receive a specified number of free pages per academic year, and any printing over the specified number will be at a cost to the student of $0.03 per page.

We make every effort to keep the printers in good working order. However, you may receive pages that are of poor quality due to low toner or other printer malfunction. You can have these pages credited back to your account by showing the poor quality pages to the lab attendant.

It is your responsibility to log on and off the computer you are using each time you use the lab. If you forget to log out and another student prints using your account, you are responsible for those pages. If you think another student knows your user ID and password, please contact the ITSS Help Desk or change your password.

Think carefully before printing. You will be charged for all print jobs. Consider the following tips:

  • Use the print-preview feature before printing.

  • Proofread and spell check before printing.

  • If you need to reprint a document, print only those pages that have changed, instead of the entire document.

  • If your print job does not print immediately, do not send it to the printer again without checking the print monitor because it may still be in the print queue.

  • Remember to log out before you leave the lab. Otherwise, the next user will be able to print using your account.

Help Desk

Law Center computer users who encounter certain technical problems or need assistance can contact the ITSS Technical Help Desk for the following items:.

  • Problems or concerns with your ID and password

  • Assistance with the log on process

  • Printing problems

  • Network Issues

  • General questions concerning hardware compatibility

You may contact the Information Technology Department by mail (ITSS_email@sulc.edu), help desk (http://helpdesk.sulc.edu/portal), or phone (225-771-4879).