Copy and Print Services

Photocopy Service

Photocopiers are located on the first floor of the Law Library. Assistance is available at the Circulation & Reserve Desk. Photocopies cost $0.06 per copy for one-sided black and white. Machines for public use are located in the Alvin A. Roché Reading Room and the Federal Reading Room Foyer near the Reference Librarian offices. The Photocopy Add-Value machine will accept bills in the following denominations: $1, $5, $10, or $20.

Law Students may add money for photocopying to their SULC Identification Card via the Photocopy Add-Value machine located outside the Civil Rights Room near the Circulation & Reserve Area.

Visitors from Main Campus or the general public may use one of the available Guest Patron Debit Cards, after leaving a current photo ID with the staff member on duty at the Circulation & Reserve Area. Guests must add money to the Debit Card at the Photocopy Add-Value machine outside the Civil Rights Room. Money added to the card cannot be refunded – add only the funds necessary to make the copies needed.

Report any card related problems to the Circulation & Reserve Desk.

If the photocopy machine is not working, out of paper, or paper is jammed, report the issue to the staff at the Circulation & Reserve Desk or the Reference Desk.

Illegible copies should be reported to the Circulation & Reserve Desk or the Reference Desk. Refunds will not be given but a maximum of 5 clean copies may be provided by the library staff member on duty.

A paper cutter, stapler and hole punching device are located at the Circulation & Reserve Desk and in the Computers Labs located in rooms 136 & 169.


Each computer in the law library is connected to a networked laser printer. Each student receives a printing account credit for 250 black/white, one-sided pages per semester, accessible via the SULC ID card. Additional printing capacity can be purchased with a valid ID using the Printing Add-Value machine located on the table in the Main Corridor near the Federal Reading Room. This machine is different from the machine used to add photocopying credit but both machines utilize the SULC ID card.

Currently, the law library has dedicated printers from Westlaw and Lexis in Computer Lab 136 which allow free printing from the respective online legal service. Print jobs must be sent directly to these specific printers when logged in to Westlaw or Lexis. Any print jobs sent to the printers belonging to the law library will be charged against the student printing account. Telephones are located in Computer Lab 136 next to these printers, to be used to contact the respective Westlaw or Lexis representative for assistance with printing questions or questions regarding legal research.