Louisiana Association for Justice

Louisiana Association for Justice (LaFJ) is a voluntary bar association whose statewide membership is composed mostly of lawyers who have a trial practice. Both defense and plaintiff attorneys belong to the association; however, most LaFJ members represent consumer plaintiffs in civil actions. LaFJ attorney-members are small business owners, maintaining a practice and supporting an office staff of fewer than 20 persons.

LaFJ and its members pledge to promote justice for the workplace, a clean environment and quality and affordable health care for all Americans. LaFJ members and trial lawyers in general seek fairness in the courts for the aggrieved and injured. LaFJ members and trial lawyers in general seek to uphold the honor and dignity of the civil justice system and the legal profession.

As student members of LaFJ, we are provided with an opportunity to network with attorney members and gain from their trial experience. Student members are allowed to post resumes on the official LaFJ website, further providing potential employment possibilities. Student membership allows access to members of the judiciary and legislature through LaFJ sponsored events. Our annual crawfish boil in the Spring is a favorite of students and LaFJ attorney members alike. The speaker series allows for information to be given to the student members that is both informative and practical.

The SULC - LaFJ Chapter is a unique opportunity for law students to network with prominent trial attorneys and noted elected officials of our State. Our Chapter is devoted to introducing student members to members of the Bar and to inform them of developing issues within the legal profession.