Manuscript Submissions

The Southern University Law Review would like to thank you for considering the submission of your article to our publication. We ask all prospective authors to read the following information carefully and address any remaining questions to the Articles Editor.


There are three ways to submit your article to the Law Review, and no method is given preference over another.

  • One way to submit your article is through the ExpressO submission system, which can be found online at http://www.law.bepress.com/expresso.

  • Another method to submit your article is via e-mail in a Word document to the current Articles Editor at lawreview@sulc.edu.

  • The third method is the traditional paper submission, which may be mailed to:

    Articles Editor
    Southern University Law Review
    Southern University Law Center
    P.O. Box 9294
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813
    Tel. (225) 771-2223
    Fax (225) 771-6253

Please note, however, we do not accept student works outside of the Southern University Law Center student body.

Expedited Review

If you have received an offer of publication from another journal, we are happy to provide you with an expedited review. Please contact our Articles Editor via e-mail or include a note with your paper submission, requesting an expedited review.


We accept an article for publication only if we have determined it to be of a high quality. Once an article has been edited to comply with The Bluebook and the Chicago Manual of Style, the author will receive a "red-lined" copy that shows changes that have been made. We believe authors make their arguments most effectively when they speak with their own voice. Accordingly, substantive changes are suggested, with deference given to the author. Throughout the publication process, we endeavor to facilitate a close working relationship with each author by maintaining open and responsive communication.

Reprint Policy

Each author receives twenty-five (25) special cover reprints of their article, compliments of the Southern University Law Review. Additional reprints are available at an extra cost, to be determined by the size of the article. Authors should inquire about reprints at the time of publication.

National Code of Law Reviews Model Code of Ethics

The Southern University Law Review has adopted the National Conference of Law Reviews Model Code of Ethics, which can be found at 75 Marq. L. Rev. 509 (1992).