Students Home

Your fellow classmates will be a valuable support system, encouraging you throughout your law school experience. Study groups have created lifelong friendships.

The Law Center student body is a model of racial integration. The students come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and life experiences. Eighty percent of our students are residents of Louisiana; many lived in rural areas or small towns and intend to return there to practice law. The female to male ratio is practically 55:45.

Members of the entering classes come to the Southern University Law Center from 114 public and private undergraduate institutions, representing more than 40 undergraduate majors. Some incoming students have earned 4.0 grade point averages or scored at or above the 95th percentile on the LSAT.

Many incoming students have master's degrees. Several have Ph.D. or Ed.D. degrees. Most are involved in community service.

Resources are available to you throughout the Law Center, and we invite you to learn about them by exploring this website.