1. Evacuate whenever a fire alarm sounds, the Building Emergency Coordinator or senior staff member on site will inform you to evacuate. Personnel should ensure other building occupants are aware of the evacuation request and help all building occupants to leave.
2. Stop what you are doing and walk, do not run, to the nearest stairwell and proceed down the stairwell to the first floor, and from the first floor to the designated safe area for your group. If you are working in an area away from your regular work station, follow the instructions of the coordinator for the area in which you are working when you learn of the emergency. Do not attempt to return to your regular work area if an emergency is announced.
3. Do not use elevators in any emergency situation.
4. Take personal belongings, such as purse, coat, and car keys if they are within easy reach and can be collected quickly.
5. Office doors should be closed but not locked when personnel exit.
6. Listen to instructions from work area leaders and area coordinators or those provided via the public address system. Follow these instructions.
7. Regroup with your co-workers or classmates in the designated safe area for accountability. Because of the possibility of flammables, do not smoke in designated safe areas until the "All Clear" notice is received.
8. Do not re-enter the building until the "All Clear" signal is announced by University Police officials.
9. Return to your work area via stairwells.

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