Maps showing evacuation routes have been posted in all University buildings, classrooms and laboratories. Faculty members will provide specific directions to students regarding evacuation routes and assembly areas and will lead the students to the designated assembly areas.

The University Police will determine the evacuation route for all individuals using personally owned vehicles.  Instructions will be given over public address systems relative to the emergency.

Individuals without personal vehicles will be provided for through organized transportation. Instructions will be given to gather at a particular location for an immediate and orderly pickup and evacuation from the campus.

Evacuation routes for departing the campus will most likely be as follows:

Primary Route is Harding Boulevard.  It is the widest street and it offers access to Scenic (North and South) Highway, Interstate 110 (total access to the city and other highways, Plank Road (North and South), and all other streets and communities to the East. The Harding Boulevard Bridge prevents any potential delays by the railroad because it passes above the railroad tracks.

Secondary Route is Swan Street. It is one block North of Harding Boulevard.  Swan Street has an East and West direction, but it is limited to only one block off the campus before it stops at Scenic Highway.  A right turn on Scenic will connect with Harding Boulevard.  A left turn at Scenic Highway will connect with Interstate 110 or follow Scenic Highway, North to a less industrialized area including Baker, Zachary, Port Hudson or St. Francisville.

Alternate Route is Mills Avenue which represents the only street on the North side of the campus for evacuation. It also has an East and West direction.  It is accessible from the campus on B. A. Little Drive (East side of T. T. Allain).  A right turn on Mills Avenue from B. A. Little Drive will place you one minute from Interstate 110.  Mills Avenue connects to Scenic Highway.  A left turn at Scenic Highway will provide quick access to 1-110.


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