Emergency assembly areas have been established for all University buildings, as identified in APPENDIX D, EVACUATION ASSEMBLY AREAS. Faculty will 6

conduct roll calls at each of these assembly areas. It will be the responsibility of individual faculty members to assemble their students in a specific portion of the designated assembly area. This will be especially important in those areas, such as the Smith Brown Memorial Union, where students from many classes will be assembling. All students must stay within these designated areas until roll calls have been completed. Roll call information plays an essential role in resolving the chaos during and after an emergency. Information collected will be used to determine those who need assistance and reassure families that community members are safe and accounted for.

Staff and faculty who are not in class during the time of an emergency should also assemble in specific areas, in accordance with their departmental affiliation. Through discussions with each other, it should be determined if anyone is unaccounted for and may need assistance. Roll calls and other evacuation results or questions should be presented to the Building Emergency Coordinator for each building or department. Building Emergency Coordinators will provide status reports and updates from their assembly area to the Campus Emergency Coordinator.

Separate assembly areas have been established for each residence hall. Residential Life Coordinators should play lead roles in determining if all students who were known to be in the buildings have been accounted for. Missing and accounted for students should be reported to the Building Emergency Coordinator or the Campus Emergency Coordinator.


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