Deans, Chairs, department heads and/or Fire Safety Coordinators will conduct an annual review of fire emergency plans.  An evacuation diagram, including pre-designated outside assembly area, should be prepared, posted, and reviewed with staff.  The location of fire alarm pull stations should also be reviewed.

In preparation for such a disaster as a fire, the following measures should be taken:

  • Maintain all fire extinguishers in a fully charged condition and have them inspected annually.
  • Update evacuation diagram and post it; include an outside assembly area for faculty and staff.
  • Maintain back-up computer data and copies of difficult-to-replace information in fireproof safe or other secure location.
  • Maintain employee phone and address list.
  • Conduct a supervised fire drill as appropriate.
  • Discuss any special arrangements for handicapped evacuation.


1.  Fire Emergency Activities

a.      Protect the safety of students, faculty and staff.  Make sure handicapped individuals are assisted out of the building.

b.      Notify Fire Department with pertinent information or activate fire alarm pull station.

c.      Notify immediate supervisor.

d.      Attempt to contain or extinguish fire if fire is small.

e.      Evacuate building if fire is not immediately extinguished. 


f.        Do not allow reentry into the building until cleared by authorities at the scene.

g.      If possible, safely secure all valuable records.

h.      Keep all doors and windows surrounding the fire area closed in order to contain the fire.

i.        If conditions permit, move equipment or furnishings out of fire vicinity to minimize damage.

j.         Execute notification plan after emergency is under control or as time permits.


2.   Salvage and Restoration

a.    Secure building and/or property from further damage or loss.  Arrange for temporary protection such as boarding up windows, rigging tarpaulin, and so forth.

b.    Arrange security if needed to prevent looting or vandalism.

c.     Risk Management must be notified of every fire, regardless of size, even if it is already extinguished.

d.    Do not throw away any damaged material until you are authorized to do so by Risk Management or until after they have seen them.  This does not prohibit you from removing burned or damaged material to the outside of the building.  Place this material in a "hold area" until adjuster has seen it.



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