Most bomb threats are hoaxes and are primarily made to disrupt business operations.  However, the possibility that a threat may be authentic requires action on the part of the University for the safety of personnel and property.  In the event a threat is received during normal business hours, NOTIFY UNIVERSITY POLICE IMMEDIATELY and evacuate immediately.  If a threat is received during non-business hours NOTIFY UNIVERSITY POLICE IMMEDIATELY, but it will be the responsibility of the dean, department head or senior supervisor to notify employees that evacuation is necessary. What to do:

General Threat:   This type of caller will generally only indicate there is a bomb, but will not give any other information.

Specific Threats:   This caller will generally indicate a specific location, time, and often the reason for making the call.

1.  Individual Actions

Get as much information as you can, asking them to repeat what they have said, and remembering all details of the conversation.  Record this information on the BOMB THREAT CHECKLIST / TELEPHONE PROCEDURES located at APPENDIX G   Listen for background noises, foreign accents, speech impediments, gender, etc., that may help identify the caller.  Immediately report the incident to your supervisor.

If a bomb is discovered prior to local authorities arriving, evacuate all remaining individuals immediately.  Do not touch, move or cover the object. Make note of its description and exact location.  Do not use walkie-talkie devices or cell phones in the area.  Restrict all access to the building(s) to authorized personnel only.  Following an evacuation, do not let anyone re-enter building(s) until authorized.

The Director of Physical Plant or his designee will determine if gas or fuel lines should be shut off.

2.  Supervisor Actions

Immediately report the incident to University Police. They will contact other units (i.e., bomb squad, emergency services, etc.). Start building evacuation, and be sure each person is out of building.  Arrange to have members of staff or qualified personnel available to accompany emergency services on inspection.  

3.  Conducting the Search

The search for and dismantling of a bomb or explosive device should be conducted by a trained professional.  However, university personnel may be required to assist in the search.  If a suspicious object is found, DO NOT TOUCH IT.  Report it to emergency services and clear the area.


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