Recently, armed intruders have resulted in an alarming number of injuries and deaths on college, university and high school campuses.  Usually an intruder is an angry student or employee or someone from off-campus who is extremely upset with a specific student, faculty or staff member. However, armed intruders can also include several individuals, such as members of a gang or persons who are bound together by a common cause or grudge.

Although the motive of the intruder(s) might be to kill or injure a single individual, events involving armed intruders often escalate to include large numbers of people, including the taking of hostages.

The University Police will notify the Chancellor or the highest ranking person available in the Chancellor’s Office in any cases involving known or suspected armed intruders.  Depending on the circumstances and time of the event, it may be determined by the Chancellor or his representative to be necessary and feasible to convene the Emergency Operations Team to assist with response activities, including making a decision to initiate lock-down procedures. Under circumstances where a delay in seeking direction from the Chancellor or the EOT would result in significant risks to the lives of the University community, lock-down procedures will be initiated immediately by the University Police.  However, in any cases involving the need to initiate lock-down procedures, the Chancellor’s Office will be notified immediately and the EOT will be asked to convene in the Emergency Operations Center to provide further direction with regards to University response activities.

Lock down procedures will include: calling tree notification of Building Emergency Coordinators to begin the lock down process, physical securing of campus buildings by the BEC’s and campus security and posting signs indicating that a lock-down is in place.

If armed intruders are present on campus, the Baton Rouge Police Department and other local and state law enforcement agencies will be contacted immediately by the University Police (or through a 911 call from an individual).  The University Police will serve as the liaison with off campus law enforcement officials and assist with the coordination with other University units and the EOT. 

1.   What to do if you suspect an event involving an armed intruder may possibly occur on campus:

a.       Notify the University Police if you are aware of any threats or have other information that makes you suspect an event involving an armed intruder might be possible. If you are a resident student, also notify your Residence Life Coordinator.

b.      Trust your instincts. Better to be wrong than to ignore warning signs of possible tragic events.

2.   What to do if you know or suspect an armed intruder is present on campus:

a.    Call University Police and/or 911 and provide the information requested.  Stay     on the line until being told that it is okay to disconnect.

b.    If indoors, remain in your room, behind a locked door (if possible) and away from windows. If you suspect an armed intruder is in close proximity, try to find a safe hiding place.

c.     If outdoors, find refuge in a nearby building.

d.    Remain calm and quiet.

e.    Wait for police to arrive.

f.      If instructed by authorities to evacuate a building or the campus grounds, follow directions exactly.

g.    If you should witness any injuries or deaths, identify yourself to authorities as soon as it is safe to do so.

3.   What not to do if you know or suspect an armed intruder is on campus:

a.    Do not leave your room to try to “see what’s happening”.

b.    Do not confront or try to apprehend the intruder.

c.     Do not assume that someone else has called the University Police and/or             911.

d.    Do not sound the fire alarm. A fire alarm would signal the occupants to evacuate the building and thus place them in potential harm as they attempted to exit.

4.   What to do after an armed intruder has been apprehended:

a.    Contact the Office of University Police if you have any information to share about the incident.

b.    Contact your friends and families to let them know you are okay.

c.     Check the SULC homepage for information and announcements regarding possible changes to safety and security provisions.

d.    Contact the SULC Office of Academic Support if you are in the need of counseling.

After an immediate crisis involving an armed intruder, the Emergency Operations Team will meet to discuss the event and determine if anything needs to be done to improve campus safety and security. The Office of Media Relations will meet to determine how news of the event and related issues involving campus safety and security should be communicated to the University community, media, parents of students, alumni, donors and other external groups.


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