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Courses: Civil Law Property, Successions & Donations, Business Entities, Torts I & II, Statutory Analysis, Law Office Management, Sales and Lease

Expertise: Civil Law Property, Business Entities, Successions and Donations, Civil Procedure, Civil Rights

Prentice White has been teaching at the Law Center since 2001. Prior to joining the law faculty, White was a senior research attorney at the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal in New Orleans. White has also maintained a law practice in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense and appellate litigation. He was a research clerk in the Louisiana Supreme Court Law Library from 1989-1992.

As part of his professional achievements, White drafted the first post-trial appellate decision in asbestos litigation in Louisiana while at the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court. He was a 1990 recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship at the University of Michigan. In 2003, White was certified as an appellate attorney in non-capital cases with the Louisiana Indigent Defense Board. Three years later, he joined the CJA (Criminal Justice Act) Panel with the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Middle and Western Districts of Louisiana to represent criminal defendants on appeal before the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

White has published four law review articles since his tenure with the Law Center. The first article is entitled: Stopping the Chronic Batterer through Legislation: Will It work This Time? 31 Pepp. L. Rev. 709 (2004). This article waspublished in the Pepperdine Law Review and was derived from his pro bono representation of battered women in the Louisiana family courts. The second article entitled You May Never See Your Child Again: Adjusting the Batterer’s Visitation Right to Protect Children from Future Abuse was published in American University Journal of Gender Social Policy & Law (cited as 13 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol’y & L. 327 (2005). The second article was generated from White’s representation of a battered woman who experienced severe difficulty in protecting her children from her abusive ex-husband who used his visitation rights as a means to mentally abuse her following their divorce.

In 2008, White published an article with the Thomas M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law based on his experiences as a trial attorney as well as his experiences with teaching the Torts II course. The title of the third article is: When Theory Met Practice: Teaching Tort Law from a Practical Perspective (cited as 10 T. M. Cooley J. PRAC. & Clinical L. 311 (2008)). White’s fourth article, entitled Absolute Immunity: A License to Rape Justice At Will is being published in the Washington & Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice (Spring 2011).

White earned his B.A. degree from Xavier University of Louisiana in 1991; his J.D. from SULC in 1995, and an M.B.A. from the University of New Orleans in 2001.