Fall 2017 CALI Award Winners

Whitney Antoine, Evidence Sect. II

Madeline Bailey, Contracts Sect. II and Torts I Sect. II

Marissa Batiste, Civil Procedure I Sect. II and Evidence Sect. I

James Benton, Professional Responsibility Sect. I

William Caldwell, Admiralty

Sabreea Chatman, Legal Writing Sect. V

Rachel Coronel, Federal Jurisdiction Sect. I and Successions Sect. I

Michelle Coxen, Constitutional Law I Sect. I

Shanice Crawford, Commercial Papers Sect. III

Angela Decoteau, Legislative Drafting Seminar

Evan Gelobter, Business Organizations Sect. I

Brianna Golden, Criminal Law Sect. II

Manushka Gracia-Desgage, Civil Law Property Sect. I

Errin Green, Civil Procedure I Sect. I

Tiffany Green, Adv. Legal Writing Sect. I

Eric Hatfield, Legal Writing Sect. VIII

Kevin Hawkins, Legal Writing II Sect. I

Becca Hylton, Legal Writing Sect. VI

Michael Indest, Adv. Legal Writing Sect. II

Konitra Jack, Constitutional Law I Sect. III

Mary Joiner, Evidence Sect. III

Danielle Kennebrew, Commercial Paper Sect. I

Heather Key, Construction Law

Christian King, Constitutional Law I Sect. II

Juliane King, Legal Writing Sect. IX, Basic Civil Procedure Sect. I, and Family Law Sect. I

Courtland Lyles, Adv. Legal Writing Sect. IV

Meghan Matt, Contracts Sect. IV

Trevor McFarlain, Legal Writing Sect. III

Olivia Montgomery, Legal Writing Sect. VII

Sophia Nathan, Legal Writing Sect. I

Baleigh Olah, Adv. Legal Writing Sect. III

Katherine Read, Legal Writing Sect. II

Corrin Remy, Contracts Sect. III

Michael Scallan, Criminal Law Sect. I

Myles Sonnier, Legal Writing Sect. IV and Basic Civil Procedure Sect. III

Jessica St. Pierre, Sales & Lease Sect. I

Stefanie Stephens, Sales & Lease Sect. II

David Vidrine, Toxic Torts

Jonathan Vidrine, Toxic Torts

Jonathon White, Torts I Sect. I

Jennifer Wicznski, Contracts Sect. III