Law Center faculty and staff to serve on new BR Mayor’s transition teams


Prof. Chris Odinet and Dr. Rachel Emanuel, director of communications and development support, have been appointed to transition committees for Baton Rouge’s new mayor-president, Sharon Weston Broome.

Broome, a long-time public official and graduate of Southern University, was elected as Baton Rouge’s second African American and as the first female mayor in the history of the city-parish. Shortly after her election Broome appointed 21 committees to help guide her administration’s transition into office. The committees are broken out into two broad categories: one set to conduct an internal review of city-parish operations and departments and another set to address broad community issues.

The internal review committees include finance, public works, public safety, office of community development, office of human development and services, homeland security, information services, and purchasing. Prof. Odinet will be serving on the review committees for the office of community development and the finance department. Odinet is an expert on property law, lending, and real estate finance and serves as the chair of the Housing Authority of East Baton Rouge Parish.

The community issue committees include economic development and enterprise; organizational structure; arts, culture, and leisure; the millennial agenda; women’s issues; race relations; North Baton Rouge revitalization; food recovery; healthcare, social services, and mental health; metropolitan organization; education; information services, technology, and communities; housing and land use; and infrastructure, transportation, and mobility. Dr. Emanuel will serve on the North Baton Rouge revitalization committee. She is an expert in the Louisiana civil rights movement and completed a book on the history of North Baton Rouge’s Scotlandville area, published by Arcadia Publishing in 2015.