NCCU Law Prof. Todd Clark gives SCALS Lecture on Free Speech in the Corporate Setting

On Friday, March 17, 2017 Prof. Todd Clark of the North Carolina Central University School of Law gave a lunchtime presentation on the free speech rights of athletes and entertainers in the corporate setting.

Prof. Clark’s visit was part of the Southern Central Law Schools Association (SCALS) speaker series. In his presentation Prof. Clark evaluated and criticized Corporate America’s attempt to stifle the political speech of athletes and entertainers through broadly drafted morals clauses.  He explained that “morals clauses” are contractual provisions that provide corporations with an express, and almost unfettered, right to terminate an athlete or entertainer endorsee’s endorsement contract whenever the endorsee acts in a manner that is deemed to be socially reprehensible.  Such provisions are typically included in standard endorsement contracts and operate as conditions subsequent that give corporations wide latitude to cancel endorsement agreements upon the occurrence of a condition that is perceived to be morally objectionable.

Prof. Clark’s research interests involve employment discrimination law, sports law, as well as the intersection of hip hop culture and the law.

To learn more about the SCALS Speaker Series, contact Prof. Prentice White.