Prof. Allen-Bell And Students In Her Law & Minorities Engage In On-Site Learning Project

On February 2, 2018, Professor Angela A. Allen-Bell’s Law & Minorities class took their lessons about Creoles, Free People of Color, and the law on the road.  As an on-site learning project, the class visited the Creoles du Monde exhibit at the West Baton Rouge Parish Museum.

In SULC’s Law & Minorities class, students explore the use of the law both to perpetuate and eradicate racial injustice in the United States by exploring past and current legal, racial and social justice challenges involving minorities, indigenous peoples and others in vulnerable situations.

Prof. Allen-Bell is a leading voice in social justice issues in the United States, and she was recently named a fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Her research focuses on civil rights, restorative justice, social justice, and the interplay between race and justice. She has the distinction of having been selected for membership in the National Black Lawyers-Top 100, an invitation-only organization.In addition to being a recurrent speaker in the community, as well as in the legal arena, Prof. Allen-Bell is frequently interviewed and quoted by local, national, and international media. She has twice submitted written testimony to the United States Senate’s Judiciary Committee on the Constitution and has served as an expert reviewer of solitary confinement teaching materials that are available through the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

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