Prof. Latisha Nixon-Jones Participates in the National ALWD Conference

Professor Latisha Nixon-Jones gave two presentations during the national ALWD conference held at the University of Minnesota Law School during the week of July 19, 2017. The ALWD conference is a national association of legal writing directors’ conference that addresses issues and trends in the legal writing field. The theme of the conference was “Talking about What Unites and Divides Us.” During the conference, Prof. Nixon-Jones discussed the changing climate of law schools across the nation and the increased usage of experienced adjunct professors. Prof. Nixon-Jones second presentation addressed the usage of project based learning in a non-traditional learning climate.

Latisha Nixon-Jones joined the Law Center’s adjunct faculty in 2015. She is currently an AmeriCorps Legal Fellow and co-directs the disaster clinic for victims of the August 2016 floods. She is a frequent speaker on disaster related topics, entrepreneur law, and personal injury topics. She is a former 2015-2017 Louisiana Bar Association LIFT Fellow.