Prof. Odinet publishes op-ed on the economics of #AltonSterling


Prof. Chris Odinet recently published an editorial in the magazine Counter Punch titled “It Wasn’t Just the Baton Rouge Police Who Killed Alton Sterling.”

In his editorial, Prof. Odinet discusses the economics of black communities (such as the one in which Alton Sterling lived), including how poor policy choices and historical discrimination play a role in neighborhood decline.

“I wrote the piece because I felt that it was important to inject an economic component into the larger discussion of black communities and policing,” said Odinet. “Access to affordable housing, credit, and business opportunities animate communities, and a lack of any one of these has significant effects–ones that we see every day in North Baton Rouge.”

Odinet’s article can be read by clicking here.

Odinet is an assistant professor of law and the Horatio C. Thompson Endowed Professor at the Southern University Law Center. He is a frequent speaker on issues related to mortgage finance, real estate, and consumer financial protection.  His research focuses on the role that debt and credit play in property-related transactions. He is currently serving as the 2016-18 Louisiana Bar Foundation Scholar-in-Residence. View his scholarship by clicking here.