Profs. Stephenson and Shea Shine at Innovative Teaching Workshop

Professors Gail Stephenson and Wendy Shea presented at the Association of Legal Writing Directors Innovative Teaching Workshop at the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis on July 19, 2017. Only 16 participants were selected for the workshop, where legal writing professors from around the nation shared new ideas and brainstormed ways to improve the concepts.

“As I enter my 19th year as a legal educator, I find workshops like this one are invaluable to keep my teaching fresh,” said Stephenson.

Stephenson and Shea also attended the three-day conference that followed the workshop. Stephenson was part of a panel-discussion titled “Doing More with Less.” The panel was composed of Stephenson and the legal writing directors of Duquesne, Elon, and Texas Tech, who between them have 108 years of teaching experience. Their discussion focused on the difficulties of producing scholarship while dealing with budget cuts and the increased workloads on faculty.