Students’ EZ Plea Concept Earns First Place BizTech Honors

SULC’s Law and Technology students, Christine Baker, Cathy Baker, Warren Bates, Antwon Bloxson, Matthew Sandifer, and Tyrone Williams*, won first place in the “Digital and Media Technologies” category of the Bayou Classic BizTech Challenge with their EZ Plea concept. EZ Plea is an online dispute resolution service designed to bridge the gap between available lawyers and the thousands of Louisiana poor who need help with their criminal cases.  For their first place finish in their category, the students will receive a prize of $1000.  They are also advancing to the live pitch round in New Orleans at the Bayou Classic on Friday, November 23, at 1 PM.  If they win, the students will receive $10,000. They also receive hotel and travel accommodations as well as tickets to the Bayou Classic game on Saturday. 
Click here to view the EZ Plea presentation.
(*part of the class, but not the pitch team)