SULC Extends Application Deadline for Loan Reduction Assistance Program to August 30

August 30 is the deadline to submit applications for the Southern University Law Center Loan Reduction Assistance Program (LRAP). The program is open to SULC graduates who desire to enter and remain in public service/interest employment.

The Law Center’s LRAP is open to full-time attorneys who work 35 or more hours per week at qualifying public service organizations and earn no more than $60,000 a year.

Benefits are disbursed in the form of one-year loans, which will be forgiven annually provided the applicant satisfies set criteria.  All participants are required to reapply annually, up to a total period of three years.

The update deadline, to submit any change in information, is February 15.

A goal of the program is to enable interested graduates, who are often burdened with debt from their law school education, to accept public interest law positions, despite the traditionally low pay.

Continued benefits are subject to the availability and allocation of future funding by program donors.  Participants are subject to bar admission, eligible employment, and salary limitations.

Applicants must be actively paying their law school student loans to be eligible for assistance.  Those who are in deferment are not eligible.

The application and program guidelines may be obtained at

For more information, contact SULC Loan Reduction Assistance Committee c/o Professor Tavares A. Walker – Director, Office of Career Services, Southern University Law Center, Post Office Box 9294, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813, Telephone: (225) 771-2142; E-mail: