SULC Graduates Win Big in October Elections

The results of the October 2017 Louisiana Elections were wins for several SULC Alums.

Alumnus William H. Burris (’07) won the 22nd JDC Division E judge seat for the court that covers St. Tammany and Washington parishes. Burris will fill the remaining years in the term of current state District Judge William J. Burris, his father. The elder Burris is retiring at the end of the year, and the balance of his term runs through 2020.

William H. Burris (courtesy of

Alumnus Tony Bennett (’93) won the 30th JDC Division A judge seat in Vernon Parish. Bennett previously worked for the Vernon Parish District Attorney’s Office.

Tony Bennett (courtesy of

Alumna Judy Moore Vendetto (’96) won a spot in the run-off for Baton Rouge City Court Judge; Alumna Nicole Sheppard (’05) won a spot in the run-off for Orleans Civil District Judge; and Alumnus Steve Marionneaux (’80) won a spot in the run-off for the 18th JDC, Division A judge seat which includes Iberville, Point Coupee, and West Baton Rouge Parishes. The run-off election for all three candidates will be held November 18, 2017.

From left to right: Judy Moore Vendetto, Nicole Sheppard, and Steve Marionneaux.