The Claville Law Firm LLC donates $3,500 to support SULC initiatives

Eric ClavilleEric Claville of The Claville Law Firm LLC has donated $3,500 to support SULC initiatives with hope that the Law Center will continue to provide the solid foundation that he received to future legal scholars, attorneys, counselors at law, and social engineers.

“It is my pleasure and honor to provide a donation for the Southern University Law Center initiatives,” Claville said.

The 2006 cum laude graduate is an attorney and counselor at law; a Constitutional law professor; the founding director of the Hampton University Pre-Law Institute – the first of its kind in the country; a creator and radio host for The Claville Report; and a consultant for elected officials and various legislative initiatives. He said he was provided the foundation at SULC to do all these things and more.

Under the leadership of retired Chancellor Freddie Pitcher, Jr., Claville acknowledges that “SULC soared to the status that it enjoys today.”

“I am more than confident that under the current leadership of interim Chancellor John K. Pierre, that SULC will not only soar to higher heights, but also set and become the standard bearer for educating and mentoring the new law students and lawyers of the next generation,” he said.

The donation will be used to support the Bar Prep Initiative and to underwrite the NITA Pilot Program. A portion will also go to the Annual Fund and the Brick Campaign.

“I thank you interim Chancellor Pierre for your dedication and selfless service to our great law school and my beloved alma mater,” Claville said.