Appropriate Use of Email

Email accounts are available free to current SULC faculty, students, and staff.

Email is NOT to be used for sending mass mailings or chain letters, forging messages, masking the identity of an account, or sending harassing email or unsolicited mail to strangers, and it may NOT be used for any commercial use, etc.

Do not share your password with others. You are liable for any other individual's misuse of your account.

If you have questions about appropriate use of email, or if you encounter perceived misuse of email, please send an email to itss_email@sulc.edu

Account Expiration

Your email account will be available to you throughout your affiliation with SULC. If you anticipate a temporary absence that might result in the cancellation of your account, you may contact ITSS to arrange for the account to remain available to you. Accounts will be cancelled under the following conditions:

You will be notified of imminent account cancellation so that you may make arrangements as necessary.

Eligibility for Individual and Departmental Accounts

Current students, faculty, and staff are automatically eligible for email accounts. Others, such as visiting scholars, post-doctoral researchers, emeritus professors, retired staff, and exchange and concurrent enrollment students may gain eligibility with special permission.

Distribution List Policy

Rules for the maintenance of lists include:

Account Name Changes

Policies have been established to create unique email addresses. If your official name changes and you want to change the email address accordingly, please provide a written request for an account name change to reflect your new name. However, doing so might interrupt receipt of emails from established groups.


Unsolicited electronic mail advertising, otherwise known as spam, is prohibited on SULC systems, including email.

Reset Password

If you have forgotten your password, ITSS will make a password change for your email account. Since it is necessary to verify account ownership, you must go to ITSS in room 238 between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays to request a password change. You will be asked to provide picture identification. After verification, password changes are usually completed immediately.

Updated: November 30, 2012
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