Accelerated Academic Sessions

A student may receive a maximum of 4 elective credit hours through an Accelerated Academic Session offered by another law school.

To be eligible to enroll in an Accelerated Academic Session at another law school, a student must have completed 24 credit hours at SULC and be in good standing. A student will not receive credit for an Accelerated Academic Session that is scheduled for any dates that coincide, in whole or in part, with an SULC academic semester or session in which the student is otherwise enrolled.

A student who wishes to enroll in an Accelerated Academic Session shall complete an Application to Visit Another Law School no fewer than four weeks prior to the commencement of the Accelerated Academic Session. All applications must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. Students should be forewarned that while some Accelerated Academic Sessions are ABA-approved and may meet the academic quality and integrity standards of SULC, there are many sessions that fall below the standards of this institution and will not be approved. The Law Center’s previous approval of a student’s participation in a session is not an assurance that the Law Center will continue to approve the requested session.

The term “accelerated academic sessions” shall include concentrated courses that are taught between academic semesters or between academic semesters and summer sessions such as intersession or turbo session courses.