Admission FAQs

1. Do you offer on-campus housing?

Limited dormitory accommodations are available for law students. All students desiring to live in campus housing are required to submit an application to the Housing Office in addition to a security deposit of $150. Applications should be made to the Director of Housing, Southern University, as early as possible.  For more information regarding on campus housing call (225)771-3590. However, a majority of law students live off campus.  Apartment listings are available at

2. How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Please visit the Tuition and Fees page  under the Admissions and Aid tab.

3. When should I apply?

You should submit your application along with your supporting documents between September 1 and May 1 prior to the Fall semester in which you plan to enroll.   The application deadline for all programs is May 1.

4. When will I receive a decision?

Upon receipt of an application, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received from the Office of Admission & Recruitment. Most decisions will be determined after the February 28 priority application deadline date.

5. Do you offer a Part-time program?

Yes.  We offer both day and evening part-time programs.

6. Do you have spring admission?

Students beginning the study of law are admitted only in the fall semester.

7. Do you have rolling admissions?

No, we do not have rolling admissions. Applications are  normally reviewed early January and after the February 28 priority application deadline date.

8. What is your average age of Law Center students?

Our average student is 26.

9. How many applications do you receive?

The Law Center receives approximately 650 applications for the full time day program.

10. Do you have a diverse student body?

Yes, the Law Center prides itself on having a diverse student body. We are comprised of

Gender:     40% Males,     60% Females

Race:         57% African-Americans,     34% White,     9% Asia/Hispanic

11. Do you have both a civil law and common law curriculum?

SULC offers a civil law curriculum with electives in common law.

12. What percentage of students are employed six months after graduation?

The percentage of students employed six months after graduation is 82.6%. 5% of the students are pursing LLM degrees.

13. Do you offer tours of your school?

Yes. Individual tours can be scheduled by calling  the Office of Admission & Recruitment, Office of Academic & Student Affairs 225.771.4976,  800.537.1135 and 800.552.5106.  We encourage all interested students to attend our Annual Pre-Law Day held in February.

14. Do you have to live/work in the state of Louisiana after attending Southern University Law Center.

No. After graduating from the Law Center, you will be eligible to practice law in any state and also internationally upon successfully passing the bar examination in that state.