Report and Check Your Hours Here


Report and Check Your Hours Here

Report and Check Your Hours Here

Report Hours

Students will log in their pro bono hours electronically as they are accumulated throughout the semester with the link provided below.  Along with this electronic submission, students will provide a hard copy for verification. If both requirements are not met, the students’ hours will not be verified.

If there are any problems with the link or with reporting the hours electronically, the student should contact one of the members of the Executive Board  to resolve this issue.

Report Hours Here!

Pro Bono Reporting Form

After completing their pro bono hours, students will use the form below to log their hours. Along with logging their pro bono hours electronically, students must turn in this form to the box marked “Pro Bono,” which is located beside Professor North’s office.  If this form is not filled out in its entirety, the student will be contacted to resolve the discrepancy. Students’ hours will not be verified unless the form is turned in and the hours are reported electronically.

Reporting Form

Check Your Pro Bono Hours

Students can check how many hours they have accrued over the semester. Hours will not be added to the students’ name unless all of the requirements for reporting hours have been met. If a student thinks there are discrepancies in the logged hours, he or she should contact a member of the Executive Board in an effort to get the issue resolved.

3L Total Hours

2L Total Hours