Angela A. Allen-Bell

Assistant Professor of Legal Analysis & Writing
(225) 771-4900 ext. 276

Courses Taught: Legal Writing & Analysis I, Legal Writing & Analysis II

Angela A. Allen-Bell is a 1998 graduate of the Southern University Law Center. In 1998, her legal career began at the First Circuit Court of Appeal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During her ten years of service at the First Circuit Court of Appeal, she developed an expertise in civil appeals and civil writs. She also created and maintained an internal database of civil appeals involving inmates. In August 2008, she departed the judiciary and entered academia as a full-time Professor of Legal Analysis & Writing. From 1999 through 2008, Bell served as an adjunct professor at Baton Rouge College, as well as at Southern University Law Center.

Prior to entering law school, Bell served as a Program Director for the National Council of Negro Women of Greater New Orleans. She is committed to the causes of social and juvenile justice. Her scholarly interests include social justice, civil rights, human rights and prisoner rights issue.

She is a published poet and a member of the Baton Rouge Bar Association and the Louisiana State Bar Association. Her public service involvement extends to: the Volunteer Fire Department-Board of Commissioners No. 5- Eastside Fire Department, advisory board membership for The House of Purpose and Empowerment (H.O.P.E.), countless scholarly and motivational presentations, frequent community service projects, and coordination of a local juvenile justice forum.


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