Endowed Professorships & Chairs



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An endowed chair or professorship is the highest academic award that the Southern University Law Center bestows on a faculty member. It serves both to honor to the faculty holder and as an enduring tribute to the donor who establishes it.

Endowed faculty professorships and chairs are crucial for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty. The best law schools have the most-creative researchers and the most-engaged teachers. Building a strong faculty helps build a strong lawyers and advocates. Scholarship is a key purposes of the endowed positions. The funds from these endowments can propel research or create opportunities for collaboration with scholars from around the world.

Establishing an endowed professorship or chair is beneficial to donors as well. For corporate supporters, businesses are cognizant of the fact that long-term thinking, basic research, and most fundamental legal resources occur inside law schools. Businesses support endowed professorships as a way to help law schools attract and retain creative talent. For individual donors with personal interests in specific areas of the law, the funding of endowed positions allows the donor to convene experts in a particular field to focus on solving problem or addressing issues that are important to them.

Endowed professorships at the Southern University Law Center that are contributing to the law center’s research and scholarly strength are:

  • The Justice Revius O. Ortique, Jr., Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Louisiana Outside Counsel Health and Ethics Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Kendall Vick Endowed Professor of Public Law
  • The Kevin P. Reilly Family Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Johnnie Cochran Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Dodson and Hooks Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Vanue B. Lacour Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Jesse N. Stone, Jr. Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Charles Hatfield Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Horatio C. Thompson Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Clyde C. Tidwell Endowed Professor of Law
  • The B. K. Agnihotri Endowed Professor of Law
  • The Louisiana Outside Counsel A.A. Lenoir Endowed Professor of Law

For more information about endowing a professorship or chair please contact Tanya Freeman.