Mission & Values

The mission and tradition of the Law Center is to provide access and opportunity to a diverse group of students from underrepresented racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups to obtain a high quality legal education with special emphasis on the Louisiana civil law. Additionally, our mission is to train a cadre of lawyers equipped with the skills necessary for the practice of law and for positions of leadership in society.

The mission of the Law Center is consistent with the rich heritage of the Southern University System. The Law Center stresses legal education of high quality for qualified students from diverse backgrounds.

The Southern University Law Center is proud of the tradition established by the original School of Law—to provide quality legal education com- mensurate with high professional standards. This legacy has inspired the Law Center to develop as a progressive, innovative institution that prepares students for success in all law-related segments of society. Excellence in legal education is the resounding goal of the Law Center. Our faculty is totally committed to challenging and inspiring students to achieve far beyond all expectations.

The vision that compels the Law Center to seek excellence in every aspect of its program also fosters an environment that stimulates the intellectual processes and promotes professional development.