Student Affairs

Message from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Welcome to Southern University Law Center! The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides comprehensive services that meet the needs of prospective and current students, and alumni regarding all matriculation matters. Because of the Law Center's commitment to admitting a diverse student body, with different socio-economic and educational backgrounds, OSA has adopted policies and services that identify, attract, and serve the broadest prospective applicant pool. Working directly with the Chancellor's Office and faculty the OSA is responsible for maintaining the following:

  • Biographical and academic information on matriculating students.

  • Activities relating to registration, orientation, courses, exams, and course scheduling.

  • Grades, degree requirements, enrollment certification, rankings, academic standing, bar certification, and graduation.

  • Transcripts, the academic calendar, and statistical and management reports. 

  • Oversight of student organizations and elections. 

  • Oversight of student disciplinary matters under the Student Code of conduct. In addition to establishing guidelines, policies, and priorities common to the student affairs area,

  • OSA provides leadership and coordination for student-related matters such as enrollment and conflicts, student elections, academic issues, health insurance, parking, and scheduling of building use for student activities. 


Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff, and departments, as well as outside organizations. The calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, exam dates and more.


Health Center

The University maintains a Student Health Center staffed by three physicians, three registered nurses and four LPNs. The Health Center provides health care for non-critical illnesses and injuries during the academic year, but not during vacation or holiday periods.

Health Center


Congratulations on your admission to Southern University Law Center. We are eager to help you begin your legal education. We will be making updates and adding additional information in the next few weeks. Please bookmark this site and be sure to check back with us.


Student Organization

Student organizations are an essential and significant piece of the student experience at Southern University Law Center. With more than 25 student organizations, ranging from professional interest organizations to social organizations, almost all of our students are active in at least one group.

Student Organizations

Study Abroad 

The Semester Abroad Program offers Southern University Law Center students the opportunity to study law and live in a foreign country while receiving a semester of ungraded credit towards their degree.

Study Abroad


The Academic Policies contain current information regarding the Law School’s requirements, policies, and procedures.