Admitted Students FAQ


[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Admitted Students


 1. How do I create my class schedule? Can I change it if I don’t like it?

Schedules for all incoming 1L students are created by the Law Center. The Office of Admission and Recruitment will notify you of your section assignment in June. Once schedules have been created, and students have been assigned to sections, schedules cannot be changed or altered.


ALL first year students will notice a HOLD on their account. This hold prevents students from modifying their schedules. Please note that holds will be released on March 1st for your second year.


2. What documents are due and when?


Your background check, official transcript and immunization forms must be submitted to the Law Center no later than the first day of class. If you have any questions concerning the status of either form mentioned above, please contact Ms. Tiffany Rainey at (225) 771-4900 [for background checks] or Mrs. Lena M. Johnson at (225) 771-4976 [for transcript and immunization].


3. Where can I find housing/apartments around Baton Rouge?

 The best place to begin your apartment search is Please keep in mind certain considerations like traffic, furnished versus unfurnished, safety precautions and etc. when making your decision.

Southern University on campus housing is also availableto law students upon a showing of interest. Please contact the Southern University Residential Life & Housing Department at (225) 771-3590, or visit


4. Where can I find the booklist for this upcoming year?

The booklist for each semester is posted to the school’s website. This list can be accessed using the “quick links” tab in the upper right hand corner.


5. When will I receive my SULC email, and access to Banner?

SULC emails will be dispersed after new student orientation in August, and instructions on how to access to Banner will be provided within the weeks prior to the first day of class. Each student’s PIN# for access Banner is preset to their six digit birthday.


6. Am I required to have a computer/laptop?

Although ownership of a laptop and/or computer is not a requirement for admittance into the Law Center, it is crucial that a student has reliable access to one or the other. Most assignments, course materials and general information are relayed to students via the internet. As such, it would behoove incoming students to have convenient accessibility to an electronic computing device.


If personal access is not feasible, Southern University Law Center provides its students with the use of two computer labs in the Oliver B. Spellman Library.


7. How many exams do we take in law school?

Students only take one comprehensive exam, per course, at the end of each semester. These exams determine one’s grade for the entire course.


8. How do I finance Law School?

More than 90% of SULC students utilize various forms of Financial Aid. SULC uses the same FASFA school code as Southern University: 002025. All students will receive an email with instructions on how to accept or decline their financial aid award.

If you have any additional questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (225) 771-2141,, or visit the office located on the first floor of the Law Center.


9. Who do I contact if I’m an International Student, and what are my fees?

International Students must pay an additional tuition fee of $30; and must be enrolled as a full timestudent. If you have any further questions concerning your status as an International Student, please contact the Coordinator and DSO of International Students, Christal Carroll, at (225) 771-2613 or


10. What does Career Services offer to students?

Career Services provides career long coaching and planning resources, internships and job opportunities for SULC students.


 11. How can adjust my enrollment status, or withdraw?

Please address any letters concerning a change in your enrollment status, only after you have been enrolled, or withdrawal to the Director of Records and Registration,

D’ Andrea Lee, at


12. When is Orientation?

 Day Students: Orientation will be held in the F.G. Clark Activity Center on August 8, 2019.


Evening Students: Orientation will be held at Southern University Law Center on August 8, 2019.


13. Does SULC provide lockers for students?

Yes, SULC does provide lockers for 1L, 2L and 3L students. 1L students can expect an email notification regarding the availability of on campus lockers around the third week of school. For any further inquiries regarding lockers, please contact Mrs. Yvonne Schofield at (225) 771-2552.


14. How do I learn more about Veteran’s Affairs and SULC?

Please contact Troy Watson at (225) 771-3233,, or visit her office on the first floor of T.H. Harris Hall in the Registrar’s office.


15. How do I learn more about Bar Prep and SULC?

 Please contact Associate Vice Chancellor Cynthia Reed at (225) 771-4910 or


16. How do I learn more about the SULC Pre-Law Program?

For more information regarding SULC’s Pre-Law Program, please contact Ms. Marla Dickerson at (225) 771-4913 or


17. Where is the SULC Student Lot located; and when can I get my parking decal?

The Law Student Parking Lot is located across from the Southern University Museum of Art. In addition, parking decals will be available for purchase at Orientation for $45.00. This fee can be charged to your student bill, or paid via cashier’s check or money order.

Please contact the Southern University Traffic and Parking Department for more information at (225)771-2253.


18. When will I get my Student ID?

Student ID pictures will be taken during Orientation for all incoming 1L’s. Mr. Derrick Deloach, the Director of Auxiliary Services, will provide special Student ID services on the first day of each Orientation; and ID’s can be picked up from the Department of Admission and Recruitment room 235 following. First ID card is free, all replacement cards are $25.00.


19. When are billing statements mailed out?

Billing statements will be mailed out around the middle of July.


20. What are the hours for the Oliver B. Spellman Library?

Monday-through-Thursday- 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (midnight)

Friday– 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Saturday– 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


21. Does SULC have access to a Health and Counseling Centers?

Yes, SULC students have free access to Southern University’s Student Health and Counseling Centers.

For more information regarding the services provided at the Health Center, please contact Director Greta Wilkes M.D. at (225) 771- 4770.

For more information regarding the services provided at the Counseling Center, please contact (225) 771-2480.