Office of Academic Support & Bar Prep

Southern University Law Center (SULC) administers one of the most comprehensive Academic Support Programs in the country.  Through its Office of Academic Support, the law school offers various programs designed to help students make the transition to the rigors of a law school academic environment.  In light of our mission of accepting non-traditional law students, the Office of Academic Support also provides assistance to those who have not been in an academic setting for a number of years and/or those who are first generation law students.  The programs of the Office of Academic Support provide opportunities to analyze and synthesize legal precedent, interpret statutes, and construct policy arguments.  Additionally, the programs assist students to write with clarity and precision. Once basic law school learning skills have been developed, students are expected to proceed with their studies without significant supplemental assistance from the Office of Academic Support.

The services of the Office of Academic Support are available to full-time, part-time, day and evening students.

Summer Pre-Law Program

The Office of Academic Support offers a Summer Pre-Law Program to provide students with an early orientation to law school and an opportunity to develop and enhance some of the skills necessary for success in law school.  This program starts building the foundation, knowledge and understanding of the structure and content of the legal system, law school pedagogy, and learning theory. The Summer Pre-Law Program introduces participants to various legal skills, emphasizing legal analysis and writing, through a skills orientation component of the program. Participation is selective and not all incoming students can be accommodated.


Academic Counseling/Advising

The Office of Academic Support is staffed with Academic Counselors and Coordinators.  Incoming students will have a staff person designated who will provide advice and guidance during the students’ matriculation.  The Academic Counselors and/or Coordinators will advise students on the expectations of law school, provide suggestions on time-management, and guidance on effective study strategies.


Academic Enhancement Skills Program

In addition, the staff members will provide their assigned students with feedback on written exercises that are designed to enhance the student’s essay exam writing skills.  This Academic Enhancement Skills program is a progressive exam writing program that emphasizes organizational and analytical skills.  The program is not designed to teach substantive law; instead, the goal of the program is to aid students in writing a comprehensive analysis regarding substantive legal concepts.


Board of Student Advisors Program

The Board of Student Advisors (BSA) Program is operated through the Office of Academic Support and affords upperclassmen with an opportunity to serve as mentors to students and teaching assistants to professors.  The BSA’s mission is to build a strong community among the SULC family by working together to ensure that first-year students are successful at this important stage of their careers.


Disability Services

SULC welcomes students with disabilities and wishes to publish our commitment to making programs and services accessible to all persons.  Students requiring reasonable accommodations must contact the ADA Coordinator, complete necessary paperwork, and/or provide adequate documentation as required by law.


Bar Prep Program

The Office of Academic Support also operates SULC’s Bar Preparatory program.  SULC has initiated a cradle-to-career program designed to provide students with information about bar exams (Louisiana and common law bar exams) starting in their first year of study.  The program will identify the various legal concepts that are tested on bar exams and where those topics are addressed in SULC’s program of legal education.  SULC also offers a Supplemental Bar Review program that aids its students in their preparation for the Louisiana Bar Exam.  Additional information can be found under the Bar Preparatory Program link.