Faculty Scholarship

Ruby P. Andrew

A “Neo-Abolitionist Trend” in Sub-Saharan Africa? Regional Anti-Trafficking Pattern and a Preliminary Legislative Taxonomy, 9 Seattle J. for Soc. Just. 599 (2011).

Child Sexual Abuse and the State: Applying Critical Outsider Methodologies to Legislative Policymaking, 39 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1851 (2006).

Angela A. Allen-Bell

Louisiana’s Non-Uanimous Jury System: A Legal Injustice for Many Criminal Defendants, Around the Bar (Sept. 2017).

The Incongruous Intersection of the Black Panther Party and the Ku Klux Klan, 39 Seattle U. L. Rev. 1157 (2016).

How The Narrative About Louisiana’s Non-Unanimous Criminal Jury System Became A Person Of Interest In The Case Against Justice In The Deep South,  67 Mercer L. Rev. 585 (2016) (lead article).
A Prescription for Healing a National Wound: Two Doses of Executive Direct Action Equals a Portion of Justice and a Serving of Redress for America & the Black Panther Party, 5 U. Miami Race & Soc. Just. L. Rev. 1 (2015) (lead article).

Activism Unshackled & Justice Unchained: A Call to Make a Human Right out of One of the Most Calamitous Human Wrongs to Have Taken Place on American Soil, 7 Journal of Law and Social Deviance 125 (2014).

Perception Profiling & Prolonged Solitary Confinement Viewed Through the Lens of the Angola 3 Case: When Prison Officials Become Judges, Judges Become Visually Challenged, and Justice Becomes Legally Blind, 39 Hastings Const. L.Q. 763 (2012) (lead article).

Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Passageway on a Journey to Justice: Lessons Learned About Justice From Louisiana’s Response to Hurricane Katrina, 46 Cal. W. L. Rev. 241 (2010) (lead article).

Cleveland Coon

A Mitigating Factor—Television’s Influence on the Criminally Madadjusted: Diminished Capacity at its Best, 5 S.U. L. Rev. 249 (1979).

Alfreda S. Diamond

Black, White, Brown, Green, and Fordice: The Flavor of Higher Education in Louisiana and Mississippi, 5 Hastings Race & Poverty L.J. 57 (2008).

The Gordian Knot: Higher Education Desegregation in Tennessee, 21 Nat’l Black L.J. 81 (2008-2009).

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Constitutional Comparisons and Converging Histories: Historical Developments in Equal Educational Opportunity under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the New South African Constitution, 26 Hastings Const. L.Q. 853 (1998-1999).

Becoming Black in America: A Book Review Essay of Life on the Color Line by Gregory Howard Williams, 67 Miss. L.J. 427 (1997-1998).

L.D. Law: The Learning Disabled Law Student as a Part of a Diverse Law School Environment, 22 S.U. L. Rev. 69 (1994-1995).

Disposable Children in Black Faces: The Violence Initiative as Inner-City Containment Policy, 62 UMKC L. Rev. 423 (1993-1994).

Michelle Ghetti

Contemporary Issues in Louisiana Law: Criminal Procedure–Is Technology Creating a Brave New Kafkaesque/Orwellian World?, S.U. L. Rev. (forthcoming Spring 2016).
With Impunity: The Lack of Accountability of a Criminal Prosecutor, 13 Loy. J. Pub. Int. L. 349 (2012).

The Terrorist is a Star!: Regulating Media Coverage of Publicity-Seeking Crimes, 60 Fed. Comm. L.J. 481 (2008).

A Historic Gathering: Introduction to the Southern University Juvenile Justice Symposium, 30 S.U. L. Rev. 297 (2002-2003).

The Diligent Debtor: Love Child of the 60s, 24 S.U. L. Rev. 35 (1996-1997).

Seizure through the Looking Glass: Constitutional Analysis in Alice’s Wonderland, 22 S.U. L. Rev. 231 (1994-1995).

Shenequa L. Grey

Thirty-Nine Distinctions Between the Louisiana Code of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence, 90 Tulane Law Rev. 727 (2016).

Contemporary Issues in Louisiana Law: Expungement, S.U. L. Rev. (forthcoming Spring 2016).

There’s A Better Way: Why the United States Supreme Court’s Connick v. Thompson Decision is Not Absolutely Outrageous, 13 Loy. J. Pub. Int. L. 469 (2012).

The U.S. Supreme Court Gets it Right in Arizona v. Grant: Justifications for Rules Protect Constitutional Rights, 23 St. Thomas L. Rev. 532 (2011).

Revisiting the Application of the Exclusionary Rule to the Good Faith Exceptions in Light of Hudson v. Michigan, 42 U.S.F. L. Rev. 621 (2008).

Stanley A. Halpin, Jr.

Racial Hate Speech: A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of International Human Rights Law Upon the Law of the United Kingdom and the United States, 94 Marq. L. Rev. 463 (2010).

Looking Over a Crown and Picking Your Friends: Civil Rights and the debate over the Influence of Foreign and International Human Rights Law on the Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, 30 Hastings Int’l & Comp. L. Rev. 1 (2006).

Beyond Vote Dilution: An Essay on Fair and Effective Representation in the American Democratic System, 22 S.U. L. Rev. 99 (1994-1995).

Waves and Backwashes in Voting Rights Law: Recognition without Implementation of a New Principle Opposing Gerrymandering, 22 S.U. L. Rev. 255 (1994-1995).

Racial Gerrymandering and Southern State Legislative Redistricting: Attorney General Determinations under the Voting Rights Act, 22 J. Pub. L. 37 (1973).

Regina Ramsey James

How to Mend a Broken Act: Recapturing Those Left Behind by No Child Left Behind, 45 Gonz. L. Rev. 683 (2010).

How to Fulfill a Broken Promise: Revisiting and Reaffirming the Importance of Desegregated Equal Educational Access and Opportunity, 68 Ark. L. Rev. 159 (2015).

Russell L. Jones


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Other Crimes Evidence: How Should It Work?
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L.C.E. Article 412.2: Has It Destroyed a Well-Established Rule?
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Book Reviews

Bernard E. Harcourt’s Against Prediction: Profiling, Policing, and Punishing in an Actuarial Age (2006), George Mason University School of Law Journal of Law, Economics & Policy, Vol. 4, No.1, Fall 2007.

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Nadia E. Nedzel

Book: Legal Reasoning, Research,  and Writing for International Graduate Students (Aspen Publishing: 2004; 2d ed. 2008, translated into Chinese in 2013; 3d ed 2012; 4th edition forthcoming fall 2016).

Louisiana Law of Sale and Lease:  Cases and Materials (Vandeplas Publishing Preliminary ed. 2011; First ed. 2012) (with David Gruning).

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Common Law v. Civilian Tradition:  Rule of Law, Economic Development, and Cultural Change, 2 Law of the USA (2014 Ukrainian Law Review, publication delayed indefinitely due to war).

Concealed Carry: The ONLY way to Stop School Shootings (Academic Quarterly 2014).

The Rule of Law: Its History and Meaning in Common Law, Civil Law, and Latin America Judicial Systems, 10 Rich. J. Global L. & Bus. 57 (2010).

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A Comparative Study of Good Faith, Fair Dealing, and Precontractual Liability, 12 Tul. Eur. & Civ. L.F. 97 (1997).

Donald North

A License to Kill Your Spouse: A Critical Look at the Admissibililty of Prior Acts Evidence as It Relates to the Louisiana Domestic Violence Exception, 27 S.U. L. Rev. 181 (1999-2000).

The Obstruction of the Extradition Derailment, 28 S.U. L. Rev. 151 (2000-2001).

The Fury within All of Us Yearning to Break Free: Road Rage Comes of Age, 27 T. Marshall L. Rev. 183 (2001-2002).

Christopher K. Odinet

BitCredit and Marketplace Lending, Alabama Law Review (forthcoming Spring 2018).

How Will Trump’s Tax Reform Affect Real Estate Investments and Capital Markets, American College of Real Estate Lawyers-ACREL Notes (December 2017).

BitProperty and Commercial Credit, 94 Washington University Law Review 649 (2017).

Regulating Debt Collection, 36 Rev. Banking & Fin. L. 869 (2017) (with Roederick White).

Of Progressive Property and Public Debt, 51 Wake Forest Law Review 1101 (2016).

Secured Credit: Louisiana and American Perspectives (Aspen 2017) (with L. David Cromwell, Dian Tooley-Knoblett, and John Randall Trahan).

The Unfinished Business of Dodd-Frank: Reforming the Mortgage Contract, 68 SMU Law Review 653 (2016).

Community Collateral: Security Rights in Common Interest Community Declarations, Probate & Property (July/August 2016) (with Randy P. Roussel).

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Comment, Laying to Rest An Ancien Regime, Antiquated Institutions in Louisiana Civil Law and Their Incompatibility with Modern Public Policies, 70 Louisiana Law Review 1367 (2010).

Okechukwu Oko

Lawyers in Fragile Democracies and the Challenges of Democratic Consolidation: The Nigerian Experience, 77 Fordham L. Rev. 1295 (2009).

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Judith Perhay

The Natural Step: A Scientific and Pragmatic Framework for a Sustainable Society, 33 S.U. L. Rev. 249 (2005-2006).

Louisiana Coastal Restoration: Challenges and Controversies, 27 S.U. L. Rev. 149 (1999-2000).

John K. Pierre

The Substance of Things Hoped For: Faith, Social Action, and Passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, 46 Cumberland Law Review 423 (2016) (with Jonathan C. Augustine).

History of De Jure Segregation in Public Higher Education in America and the State of Maryland Prior to 1954 and the Equalization Strategy, 8 Fla. A & M U. L. Rev. 81 (2012-2013).

After Katrina, A Critical Look at FEMA’s Failure to provide Housing for Victims of Natural Disasters, 68 La. L. Rev. 443 (2008) (co-authored with Gail Stephenson).

Using Intra-Family Sales in Estate Freezing: The Prospects in the Year 2000 and Beyond for Private Annuities and Self-Cancelling Installments Notes, 24 S.U. L. Rev. 207 (1996-1997).

Wow – Tax Relief for Rental Real Estate Activities from Passive Loss Rules under the 1993 Revenue Reconciliation Act, 21 S.U. L. Rev. 45 (1994).

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Paul A. Race

Understanding the Medical Record in Shoulder Dystocia Cases: Why These Cases Sometimes Should Have a No-Fault Recovery, 39 Cap. U. L. Rev. 593 (2011).

ADA Amendments Act of 2008: The Effect on Employers and Educators, 46 Willamette L. Rev. 357 (2009).

Willmai Rivera-Perez

What the Constitution Got to Do with It: Expanding the Scope of Constitutional Rights into the Private Sphere, 3 Creighton Int’l & Comp. L.J. 189 (2012).

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Wendy Shea

Almost There: Unaccompanied Alien Children, Immigration Reform, and a Meaningful Opportunity to Participate in the Immigration Process, 18 U.C. Davis J. Juv. L. & Pol’y 148 (2014).

Gail S. Stephenson

Contemporary Issues in Louisiana Law: Louisiana Civil-Law Notaries, 43 S.U. L. Rev. 93 (2016).

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Mark A. Thurmon

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Shawn D. Vance

How Reforming the Tort of Negligent Hiring Can Enhance the Economic Activity of a State, Be Good for Business and Protect the Victims of Certain Crimes, 6 Legis. & Pol’y Brief [i] (2014).

How the Supreme Court’s Toyota Decision Impacted the View of EEOC’s Regulatory Authority, 26 Berkeley J. Emp. & Lab. L. 475 (2005).

Trying to Give Private Sector Employees a Break: Congress’s Efforts to Amend the Fair Labor Standards Act, 19 Hofstra Lab. & Emp. L.J. 311 (2001-2002).

Prentice L. White

We Want Our Lives Back Too: Expanding Absolute Liability to Include a Recovery for the Victims of Ecological Catastrophes, 3 Seattle J. Envtl. L. 101 (2013).

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Roederick C. White, Sr.

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