Degree Programs

Southern University Law Centers offers legal training to students in pursuit of the juris doctor degree. The Law Center shares with other American Bar Association-accredited institutions the goal of producing attorneys who are well prepared for entry into the legal profession. In the design and implementation of a curriculum to attain this goal, the Law Center, like the other Louisiana law schools, has given particular attention to the Civil Law.

The Law Center’s unique mission and circumstances have created distinctive curriculum challenges. While the Law Center maintains curriculum objectives similar to those of other

J.D. programs, with a special emphasis given to the Louisiana practice, it serves a student population that is more diverse in racial, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds than most law schools throughout the United States.

JD Program

SULC’s Juris Doctor (JD) program offers professional training in the areas of civil (specific to Louisiana) and common law. The program aims to prepare its graduates with the skills and knowledge to be highly effective, competent, and ethical professionals who possess a deep sense of community.

Though the program of study emphasizes the substantive and procedural law of Louisiana, with its French and Spanish origins (civil law), Anglo-American law (common law) is also well integrated into the curriculum.



JD/MPA  Program

Southern University Law Center offers a dual degree Juris Doctor/Masters in Public Administration (JD/MAP) program, in cooperation with the Southern University Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. The JD/MPA prepares graduates for the challenges of the 21st century; particularly with respect to those of an increasingly competitive global environment.



JD/MBA Program

In a collaboration between SULC and the Southern University and A & M College Baton Rouge, College of Business (SUBRCOB), students can enroll in a dual degree program that allows them to earn the J.D. and the M.B.A. degrees concurrently.



Certification Programs

Match your career choices with SULC’s areas of special expertise. A certificate program is a formal course of study within the curriculum that gives the student a formalized focus in a particular area of the law. Successful completion of a certificate program not only represents significant learning but can also demonstrate to potential employers a student’s commitment to the practice area.