Externships offer opportunities for second-year and third-year students to earn academic credit while working in outside law offices, judicial chambers, and state agencies.

Externships enable students to explore legal work in the Baton Rouge area and surrounding cities that may not otherwise be available through clinics or other courses. Externship students participate in faculty-led seminars and other activities to help them reflect on their field experiences.

The development of the externship/internship will allow the law school to create a partnership with the named graduate institutions in the state. This will create and foster an intern/extern placement opportunity. Lawyers work in all employment settings and work for all types of employers.

The most unique skill that is acquired while in law school is critical thinking. That skill is uniquely sought after by large businesses who hire and retain qualified business employees. A law degree produces law students who can perform critical research, who are experts at problem-solving, creativity, and ingenuity.

Southern University Law Center firmly believes that our students are the lawyers in training that will bring about positive change in the communities in which they serve, the communities in which they live, and the world at large; demonstrating seriousness of purpose throughout every experiential learning experience.


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Professor Donald North

Professor of Law; Director of Externships

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