JD/MBA Degree

JD/MBA Program

 If you majored or minored in business, consider the Southern University JD/MBA, a four-year, dual-degree program offered by the Southern University Law Center (SULC) and the Southern University College of Business (SUBR COB). The program prepares leaders for the global legal and business markets.

To pursue the JD/MBA dual degree, you must apply to and be accepted for individual enrollment in SULC and the SUBR COB. To earn the degree, you must complete 84 hours at SULC and 36 in the SUBR COB MBA program, for a total of 120 semester hours.

Graduates of the Southern University JD/MBA program will have the necessary competencies to address legal and business issues that they will face in their roles within legal practice, business consulting, public policy, entrepreneurship, venture capital, banking, and many other careers.

For  more  details,  contact:

Prof.  Prentice  White | Phone:  (225)  771-­?4900/ext.220 | for JD-related information

Dr.  Ashagre  Yigletu | Phone: (225)  771-­?2763  or  771-­?6248 | for  MBA-related information