Add & Drop

Students may add or drop courses within the period stated in the Law Center Academic Calendar or schedule, through Banner.

Charges created by adding and/or dropping courses after fees are paid will be posted to the student’s account. Check your Banner account summary daily.

Please note the following exceptions:

  1. First-year students cannot drop any classes.

  2. Cross-registration courses cannot be dropped on Banner. They must be dropped at the visiting school.

  3. Classes dropped after the 14th day of class during the fall and spring semesters or 7th day of class during summer session are noted with a “W” or “F” on transcripts.

  4. Full-time students cannot drop below 12 hours and remain full-time. Students, full-time or part-time, cannot drop below eight hours and remain enrolled in school.

  5. Part-time students must complete 46 semester hours before applying to transfer to the Day Division.