Employee Directory by Departments

Academic Affairs | 225-771-4913

Employee Email Position
Shawn Vance svance@sulc.edu Vice Chancellor
Cynthia Reed creed@sulc.edu Associate Vice Chancellor
Donna Glasper dglasper@sulc.edu Coordinator
Carla Ball cball@sulc.edu Unit Coordinator
Jessica Johnson-Sparks Jsparks@sulc.edu Academic Support Counselor and Instructor
Kimberly Lamotte klamotte@sulc.edu Academic Counselor
Courtney Richardson crichardson@sulc.edu Academic Coordinator
Marc Roark mroark@sulc.edu Academic Counselor
Rahim Smith rsmith@sulc.edu Academic Counselor

Admissions and Recruitment | 225-771-4976

Employee Email Position
Andrea Love Alove@sulc.edu Director
Josie Washington jwashington@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant III
Candice Hawkins Cohawkins@sulc.edu Records/Enrollment Assistant
Jordan Pittman Jordan_Pittman@sulc.edu Seasonal Recruiter
Tiffany Rainey trainey@sulc.edu Coordinator of Student Character and Monitoring
Lena Station lmjohnson@sulc.edu Coordinator and Title IX Confidential Advisor

Alumni Affairs/Annual Fund | 225-771-5878

Employee Email Position
 Robbin Thomas  rthomas@sulc.edu  Director of Alumni Affairs

Bookstore | 225-771-2594


Career Services | 225-771-2142

Employee Email Position
Kerii Landry-Thomas Klandry@sulc.edu Director
Carolyn Stephens Cstephens@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant IV
Koshaneke Gilbert kgilbert@sulc.edu Counselor

Chancellor's Office | 225-771-2552

Employee Email Position
John Pierre Jpierre@sulc.edu Chancellor
Mary Johnson Mjohnson@sulc.edu Executive Assistant to Chancellor
Walter T. Tillman, Jr. Wtillman@sulc.edu Special Assistant to Chancellor
Stacey Armelin Sarmelin@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant IV

Clinical Legal Education | 225-771-3333

Employee Email Position
Virginia Listach Vlistach@sulc.edu Director and Professor of Clinical Legal Education
Chiquita Kado Ckado@sulc.edu Executive Assistant to Director & Project Coordinator
Marcia Burden Mburden@sulc.edu Associate Professor of Clinical Legal Education
Kelly Carmena Kcarmena@sulc.edu Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Education
Christian Fasullo Cfasullo@sulc.edu Professor of Clinical Legal Edutation
Yolanda Martin Ymartin@sulc.edu Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Education
Jacqueline Nash Grant Jnash@sulc.edu Professor of Clinical Legal Education
Ursula Ransburg Uransburg@sulc.edu Campus Safety and Cleary Act Compliance Coordinator
Alvin Washington Awashington@sulc.edu Professor of Clinical Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education | 225-771-2155

Employee Email Position
Marla Dickerson mdickerson@sulc.edu Director of CLE & Managing Fellow of the Cannabis Compliance, Law, & Policy Institute

Development | 225-771-5044

Employee Email Position
Tanya Freeman tfreeman@sulc.edu Director

External Affairs | 225-771-5815

Employee Email Position
Jasmine Hunter  jhunter@sulc.edu  Director
Orriel Moore Omoore@sulc.edu Creative Services Coordinator
Kristen White  kwhite@sulc.edu  Communications Specialist

Facilities and Maintenance | 225-771-4931

Employee Email Position
Angela Gaines againes@sulc.edu Director
Anthony Drake adrake@sulc.edu Facilities Scheduling Coordinator
Wilton Hamilton   Custodian
Andras Brown   Custodian

Faculty | 225-771-4900

Employee Email Position
Juanita Richard Jrichard@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant III
Renita Washington Rwashington@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant

Finance and Administration |  225-771-2552

Employee Email Position
Terry Hall Thall@sulc.edu Vice Chancellor
Yvonne Schofield yschofield@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant IV
Michele Braud-Guess Mguess@sulc.edu Procurement Management Analyst
Demetria George Dgeorge@sulc.edu Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration
Evelyn Johnson emjohnson@sulc.edu Special Projects Officer
Keegel Henderson Khenderson@sulc.edu Accounting Specialist II
Lois Holden Lholden@sulc.edu Special Projects Officer
Paula Matthews Pmatthews@sulc.edu Business Manager
Terry Steward Tsteward@sulc.edu Procurement Services Manager
Candice Webb cwebbs@sulc.edu Accounting & Financial Analyst Manager

Financial Aid | 225-771-2141

Employee Email Position
Calaundra Clarke Cclarke@sulc.edu Director of Financial Aid
Diedre Collins dcollins@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant III
Donise Banks Dcbanks@sulc.edu Financial Aid Counselor
Natalie Roberson Nroberson@sulc.edu Financial Aid Counselor

Information Technology | 225-771-4987

Employee Email Position
Lata Johnson Ljohnson@sulc.edu Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO
Aros Comeaux Acomeaux@sulc.edu Desktop and AV Support Specialist
Greg Speyrer Gspeyrer@sulc.edu System Analyst
Tramelle Williams Twilliams@sulc.edu Network Administrator and Security Specialist

Institutional Accountability & Accreditation | 225-771-4900

Employee Email Position
Regina Ramsey rrjames@sulc.edu Vice Chancellor
Ernestine Washington ewashington@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant IV
Angela Bruns abruns@sulc.edu Director of Assessment Planning and Research
Prentice White pwhite@sulc.edu Associate Vice Chancellor for Evening Division and Emerging Initiatives

Law Review | 225-771-2223

Employee Email Position
Carol Septs Csepts@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant III

Legal Writing | 225-771-4500

Employee Email Position
Gail Stephenson gstephenson@sulc.edu Director

Library | 225-771-2146

Employee Email Position
Phebe Huderson Poydras Ppoydras@sulc.edu Director
Felicia Foremen fforeman@sulc.edu Administrative Assistant
Sylvia Betts Sbetts@sulc.edu  IT Equipment Operator III
Eleanor Collins Ecollins@sulc.edu  Research Fellow
 Marilyn French Mfrench@sulc.edu   Reference Librarian
 Rose Herbert Rherbert@sulc.edu  Administrative Assistant
 Wanda Lee Wlee@sulc.edu  Library Specialist II
 William Lockhart Wlockhart@sulc.edu  Library Specialist III
Angela Mason Amason@sulc.edu Associate Librarian for Public Service
Elizabeth Outler Eoutler@sulc.edu Assistant Director of Technical Services
Kimala Pooler Kpooler@sulc.edu Stack Maintenance Coordinator
 Janice Williams  Jwilliams@sulc.edu  Library Specialist II

Records and Registration | 225-771-5340

Employee Email Position
D'Andrea Lee Djlee@sulc.edu Director
Latonya Wright Lwright@sulc.edu Coordinator of Records
Nadine Brown Nbrown@sulc.edu Records and Enrollment Assistant

Recruitment | 225-771-6297


SBA | 225-771-2817


Security Guard | 225-771-2148

Employee Email Position
Katherine Plant Kplant@sulc.edu Collection Services Coordinator

Student Affairs | 225-771-3811

Employee Email Position
Donald North dnorth@sulc.edu Vice Chancellor
Shenequa Grey sgrey@sulc.edu Associate Vice Chancellor
Yvonne Schofield yschofield@sulc.edu Coordinator

Title IX | 225-771-4913

Employee Email Position
Kerii Landry-Thomas klandry-thomas@sulc.edu Coordinator
Felicia Foreman fforeman@sulc.edu Confidential Advisor
Lena Station lmjohnson@sulc.edu Confidential Advisor`
Paula Matthews pmatthews@sulc.edu Confidential Advisor