FAQ-General Information

What is Exam4?

Exam4 is a word processing program, just like Microsoft Word, that you will use to write your in-class and take-home exams. You will have to download the software each semester ( Fall, Spring, and Summer) in order for it to work. For in-class exams, you will still receive a hard copy of the exam questions to use – only your answer are typed into Exam4.

You are responsible for knowing how Exam4 works for both in-class and take-home exams. The Law Center IT Department is available to deal with unforeseen technical difficulties concerning exam file submission to the Law Center servers. It is best to make an appointment.

The primary responsibility, however, for installing, using, and understanding Exam4 belongs to the student.

How Do I Obtain Exam4?

Go to the Exam4 site to download a copy of the Exam4 software. Click on the Law Schools menu option, and then follow the instructions.

The Exam4 site also has online documentation FAQs and support

Do I Have To Personally Pay A Fee On the Exam4 Website To Download Exam4

Your term tuition and fees covers the cost of Exam4.  As such, you do not have to pay a fee directly to Exam4.  If Exam4 requires you to pay a fee, please contact the Law Center Information Technology Department.

Is There A Spell Check Feature?

No.  the feature is disabled.  Why?  To simulate an environment that students will encounter when taking the Louisiana Bar Exam.  The Louisiana Bar Examiners disable the spell check feature within Exam4.

Does the software do anything strange that I’m not used to when writing?

If you highlight and delete more than 100 characters of text, a warning box pops up and asks if you are sure you want to do that. It’s just a double- check for you, but may be disconcerting to have it pop up. Just check the box, and keep writing!

In addition, the Exam4 window is not a full-screen window. You are not able to change the size of the window while typing your exam.

Can I use footnotes?

No. Exam4 does not allow footnotes.

Do I have to use Exam4 to write my exam?

Your professor will inform you whether you must use Exam4 for the final exam of the class.

I’m not great with computers – is this going to be difficult to figure out?

The Law Center chose Exam4 in part because of its extremely easy interface and directions.  We strongly recommend that you take as many practice tests as you can in order to become familiar with it before you take an actual exam.

What if I still have problems or questions with the download or installation?

For any and all technical questions, please go to www.exam4.com > FAQ + Support > Contact User / Tech Support. They are your primary contact for all technical issues with Exam4.

Can I Use a Chromebook Computer With Exam4?

No. Exam4 currently does not support Chromebook computers, or computers running the Linux operating system.

What Kinds of Operating Systems Can Be Used With Exam4?

For a listing of supported operating systems, visit the Exam4 site > FAQ + Support > Technical Info.

Is there a maximum page limit for Exam4?

Yes.  Exam4 will begin to hit its maximum file size near 20 single-spaced pages; or, about 9,000 words.  You will receive warnings before you’re about to hit this point.  When you see the warning, come to an appropriate stopping point and submit your exam.  Then, you may continue by starting a new exam.

Submitting Exams For Grading

Videos on exam submission

How do I know if I had a successful exam submission?

When you submit your exam you will see a green screen similar to one below.

Successful Submital